60th Birthday Quotes and Sayings Worth Celebrating

Updated August 31, 2022
Senior women holding birthday cake

Is someone you love turning 60 years old? Remind them how awesome they are with these heartwarming 60th birthday quotes. Find original sayings from fun to inspirational that are perfect to add to gifts like books or photo albums, or to write in their birthday card to make them feel extra special. If you're throwing them a party, make signs with fun birthday quotes for turning 60 part of the decor. Whether it's a friend or family member, help the guest of honor reflect on their life so far and envision what wonderful things are in store for the future with the best 60th birthday quotes and sayings.

Heartfelt Turning 60 Quotes and Sayings

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When you're trying to think of what to say for someone's 60th birthday, a quote can help you express the right words. Add a hearfelt saying to a card or sign to celebrate a special person's 60th birthday and make them smile. Short, sweet birthday quotes for turning 60 can be just the thing to share over the phone, in a text, or even to begin or end a toast for the special day.

  • Didn't you know? Your value goes up with age. Happy 60th birthday!
  • Age is just a number. It might say 60 in writing, but in my heart, you'll always be 29.
  • Sixty isn't so bad! It just means you've been a perfect ten six times in a row.
  • Everything gets better with age, just like you! Happy birthday.
  • Being 60 is the best. You can still have fun, but now you have the freedom.
  • Your eyes hold a special gleam; you're 60 years young, living the dream.
  • Sixty looks beautiful on you! Happy birthday.
  • People are like antiques: the higher the age, the more valuable. You, my friend, are truly valuable.
  • Happy birthday! You are 60 years of sunshine, brightening my day.
  • On this day 60 years ago, the world became a better place. I'm so thankful to have you in my life! Happy birthday.
  • I'm so thankful to be celebrating your 60th birthday with you. You make the world a more beautiful place every day.
  • You've done so much in your 60 years. Here's to another decade of wonderful memories!
  • Your genuine nature, wit, love, and compassion are a joy to be around. I'm honored to celebrate the 60th birthday of such a wonderful friend/family member.
  • Your love of life is contagious, and you make the world brighter each day. Wishing you a joy-filled, bright and beautiful 60th birthday!
  • You pour your love out to others every other day of the year. So today, on your birthday, I hope you can relax, recharge, and know how very loved you are. Happy 60th!
  • Wishing you a 60th birthday filled with smiles, laughter, and endless joy.
  • When I look at you, I know just what I want to be like when I'm 60. Happy birthday.

Inspirational 60th Birthday Quotes

Man giving surprise to woman with birthday cake

A person who is turning 60 may have some mixed feelings on their birthday. They could be reflecting on how far they've come in life. Or, they might be wondering if they've really accomplished enough. Share inspirational quotes about turning 60 to rejuvenate them and excite them about what the next (and best) years of their life have in store. Sending 60th birthday wishes or greetings with an inspiring message can make their day.

  • Age is a beautiful work of art years in the making. Wear 60 proudly!
  • Happy 60th birthday. Today we honor you - you never let fear get in the way of your dreams, and you've created a life you should be proud of.
  • May the following years of your life be as fulfilling as the first 60. Happy birthday!
  • At 60, you have learned so much from life and can use your wisdom to keep making the world a better place. Happy 60th birthday.
  • When you live each day to the fullest, it makes turning 60 feel pretty rewarding. Here's to the next years of your life being incredible. Happy birthday.
  • On your 60th birthday, may you look back and see that you've lived an amazing life and touched so many hearts with your presence. Have a wonderful day.
  • Happy 60th birthday! Let's celebrate you and how far you've come in life. You are an inspiration and role model to all who know you.
  • It's not every day my favorite person gets to start a new decade of their life. Let's see what awesome memories we can make in these next 10! Have the happiest birthday yet.
  • I'm honored to wish such an incredible person a happy 60th birthday. Thanks for showing me how to laugh, love, and live with grace.

Cute and Quirky 60th Birthday Sayings

Grandparents and granddaughter celebrating birthday

If your favorite 60-year-old has a good sense of humor, teasing them a little (in good fun) is okay. After all, by the time they've turned 60, most people can take a good senior joke or two. Make your friends and family chuckle with these sayings, or make them laugh out loud with funny 60th birthday quotes. Witty quotes can also make great slogans for 60th birthday parties or captions for images.

  • At 60, you're old enough to know better but too old to care! Here's to not caring!
  • Now that you're 60, it's perfectly acceptable to walk in the kitchen and not know why. You've just been preparing for this moment for the last 20 years.
  • Age is just a number. And for you, it's a huge number.
  • You might not be older than dirt, but you're definitely older than cell phones. Happy birthday!
  • If you put it in perspective, being 60 isn't so bad. I mean, in dog years, you're like 420. Happy birthday.
  • Having your 60th birthday isn't just about growing older. There is more gray hair and wrinkles to look forward to, as well.
  • True, being 60 comes with more gray hair and wrinkles, but there is the senior discount to look forward to. Happy birthday.
  • Sixty isn't all bad. You do have naps to look forward to.
  • Sixty is the golden age where you get to catch up on all that sleep you missed while you were 20, whether you want to or not! Happy Birthday.
  • Sixty might only be a number, but your birthday candles are definitely a fire hazard.
  • Happy 60th birthday! You know it's a challenging year when you pass out trying to blow out your candles.
  • Did you realize you've made 60 trips around the sun? Wow! That's a ton! Happy birthday.
  • Sixty is that magical age where the hair you can't grow on your head grows everywhere else. Happiest of birthdays!
  • You're smart, savvy, witty, and wise - and it only took you 60 years to get there! Happy birthday.

60th Birthday Quotes for Parents and Grandparents

Birthday comes with many surprises

If it's a parent or grandparent who is turning 60, these sayings are especially for them. Let them know how much they mean to you and how you look up to them with some sweet words from the heart. These 60th birthday sayings for him or her will celebrate your relationship and their big day in a special way. Your words just might just be the best gift for your grandparents.

  • To someone who always puts others first, today we put the spotlight on you and your accomplishments. Happy 60th birthday, Mom/Dad - here's to many more!
  • You might be growing older at 60, but you're also growing wiser in all the best ways. I hope to be half as wise as you, when I turn 60! Happy birthday, Grandma/Grandpa.
  • Turning 60 means you have six decades of life experience. I know who I'm asking next time I need some trustworthy advice. Happy birthday, oh wise one!
  • You're the picture of what it means to age gracefully, in health and spirit. Hopefully I've inherited some of those genes. Happy birthday, Mom/Dad.
  • Happy birthday, Grandma/Grandpa! You inspire me to life a life full of laughter and love just as you have for 60 years. I cherish every moment we spend together.
  • You make 60 seem like a pretty cool age. I can't wait to be like you! Happy birthday, Grandma/Grandpa.

Short 60th Birthday Poems

Short 60th Birthday Poem

Short poems for a 60th birthday take your card or toast to the next level. Use a cute message in rhyme form about a 60th birthday, or be inspired to write your own sweet or funny poem for the birthday person. You can also post these verses on their social media page to help them celebrate their day and remind them of both the wonderful times they've had and the wonderful times that are ahead!

Someone So Dear

Happy 60th birthday
To someone so dear.
I wouldn't be anywhere else
Than with you, right here.
On a day so special,
Let's dance and sing
To celebrate your life -
Nothing short of amazing.

The Best Year Yet

One thing that's always been true:
You are loved by those who know you.
An excellent listener and joke-teller,
And nobody can make a meal better.
Never making anyone feel small,
Your presence is a comfort to all.
Today, we celebrate your life,
With cake and plenty of candles to light.
I'm more than willing to bet
Year sixty will be your best yet.

Not a Day Wasted

Out of your 21,915 days of life,
You've never wasted one.
May you continue to shine bright,
And make each day fun.

Just a Number

Sixty is more than just a number, you see.
Your eyes still sparkle with a special gleam.
Wrinkles are evidence of lots of laughter,
And gray hair makes you look charming and dapper.
But what matters more is your loving heart,
Which you've shown the world from the very start.
For your birthday, let's have a toast:
Here's to you - we love you the most!

Years Still to Come

On your 60th birthday,
Look back on your life and smile.
You've lived it to the fullest,
Each moment worthwhile.
Then, gaze forward
At the years still to come.
With endless possibilities,
And even more wisdom.

Wish Someone a Happy 60th Birthday With Love

When someone you love is turning 60, they deserve to be spoiled with touching words about how special they are to you. Share the best 60th birthday quotes with them on their big day to make them feel loved. Whether you read it aloud in a toast, write it in a birthday card, or even squeeze it onto a cake, fun and meaningful 60th birthday sayings will help them soak in the moment.

60th Birthday Quotes and Sayings Worth Celebrating