100+ Wedding Drink Names Perfect for Your Love Potion

Give your signature wedding cocktail a name as memorable as the big day!

Published February 19, 2023
closeup of man in tuxedo holding a drink

The flowers are picked out, the venue booked, wedding bells are soon to be ringing. Your hashtag is ready to go to. But are your signature drink names ready? I don't mean your drink of choice, but the perfect catchy wedding drink name for your cocktail of choice. No? No worries. These will have you covered. And it frees up time for cake tasting!

Wedding Cocktail Names That Are All About Love

You're celebrating love today, so make love front and center in your cocktails. Some romantic, some punny, whatever your love is, these make it known.

Personalized Wedding Drink Names

You're celebrating your love and relationship today, there's nothing wrong with naming a drink or two after you two. Use your favorite highballs and cocktails or make your own signature drink as a couple.

The Perfect Signature Wedding Drink Name

Wrap up your wedding planning to-do list with a menu of appropriately named signature wedding cocktails, or three! With so many to choose from, the hardest part is which one best captures your love.

100+ Wedding Drink Names Perfect for Your Love Potion