9 Ideas for a Garden-Theme Bridal Shower That's Botanical Bliss

Throw a dreamy garden theme bridal shower with ease!

Published April 2, 2023

Throw a party celebrating bridal bliss but make it green, floral, and lush - lush with plants, that is. Take the garden from the yard to the party with these elegant and creative garden-theme twists for a bridal shower flowering, budding, and growing with love and plants.

Send Flowery Invites


There's no better time to start the garden bridal shower theme than with invitations! Use a floral print, or go the green route with a leafy fern or succulent pattern. Don't forget an appropriately styled stamp!

Quick Tip

Decorate the envelopes with a floral patterned wax press, leafy stickers, or stamps with herb designs.

Add a Rustic Place Setting


Bring the bridal shower garden theme to each place setting, be it for a formal sit-down meal or a light nibble. Whether you opt to set each place with the same flower, use herbs for an herb garden aesthetic, or alternate between a few combinations, these are an elegant and simple touch.

Use Napkins Fit for a Garden Party


Go old school, and fancy, with a reusable cotton napkin. After all, you want to keep the gardens of the world thriving. Whether you've tapped into a botanical or flower-patterned theme, reflect the garden theme in the napkins.

Alternatively, pick out a flowery or vining cocktail napkin if you're going the passed appetizer or cocktail party route for the garden-themed bridal shower.

Chill Out With Floral Ice Cubes


Speaking of cocktails, don't forget to give those a touch of green. Freeze edible or food-safe flowers into ice cubes, for a start. Add a touch of green by garnishing the drinks with a fresh herb sprig, such as rosemary or sage.

Quick Tip

Customize your bridal shower cocktails menu with the perfect drinks! And don't forget the bubbles.

Create an Edible Garden Theme


After you've carefully calculated how much food you'll need, it's time to plan the menu! Play with elegant, fresh-from-the-garden appetizers, such as mini Caprese skewers or even an herbaceous butter board. Channel the outdoors with picnic-themed smorgasbord or have herby dips ready to go.

Don't forget dessert! Provide cupcakes, cookies, or traditional cakes with frosting flowers or decorative sugary succulents.

Display Lovely Garden Centerpieces


Don't break the bank with garden-theme centerpieces for the bridal shower. Fill small to medium glasses, jars, or vases with water and fill with fresh herbs, flowers, or leafy greens such as eucalyptus or small branches.

Keep the pieces understated with only a few stems, or fill the vases to the brim! It's all about your garden vibe. There's no wrong way to channel the cottagecore life.

Bring Home the Theme With Botanical Decor


Decorate the bridal shower with flowers and greenery! But don't just leave them for the table. Welcome guests to the party with a themed welcome sign. Keep the garden theme going by crafting or buying floral hoops and adding greenery, or even stringing flowers together into a garland.

For an aromatic display, create an herbaceous hoop! Imagine sage, rosemary, mint, or basil wafting through the party. Where can we get an invite?

Quick Tip

If you really want to make the florals and botanicals pop, decorate an entire section of wall with greens! Don't forgot the props for the perfect photo shoot.

Build a Green Bridal Bouquet


Invite guests to build their own bouquet of flowers, greens, and herbs! Keep it simple by picking up store-bought flowers that morning, or stock the table with potted herbs so guests can turn their bouquet into seasoning.

Send Bridal Shower Guests Home With a Plant Favor


Skip the build-a-bouqet by sending guests home with their own plant! Keep it small and simple. Opt for succulents or other plants that are easy to transport and, most importantly, easy to care for. You don't want them to associate your shower with their wilting plant.

Helpful Hack

Give your guests the option of picking out a live plant or a fake plant! Some people just aren't ready to add to their plant family.

Shower the Bride With Plants


From garden to table, turn the usual bridal shower into something a bit more ethereal. With florals, botanicals, and herbs, you can take the green indoors for a party that no one will forget. It'll have everyone swooning over a love that's in full bloom.

9 Ideas for a Garden-Theme Bridal Shower That's Botanical Bliss