21 Bachelor Party Ideas From Relaxing to Rowdy

Updated March 14, 2022
Group of young men chatting and drinking beer on bachelor party

These bachelor party ideas offer exciting and unique ways to celebrate someone special who is about to get hitched. If you are looking for something special to do or planning a party to honor the bachelor, just make sure the groom comes back home in one piece.

VR Game Night

Group of friends sat on the sofa playing games using virtual reality headsets

Take your boys' night in up a notch with a virtual reality game night. No problem if not everybody has a VR headset, simply opt for games you can play as a group, with one player wearing the VR headset while the other players use the tv screen. Team building games, such as The Experiment Escape Room or Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, are terrific options to bring out your inner child. Plan portable snacks, easy finger foods and refreshments for an exciting night among friends. Depending on our choice of food, these homemade wine cooler drinks are awesome options.

Plan a Camping Trip

Group of male friends camping

Whether you choose a campsite nearby or drive thousands of miles to find the perfect spot with a breathtaking view, going camping with your friends to enjoy everything nature can offer will be invigorating--grilling, bonfire, swimming under the stars, whatever your heart desires. No distractions, just a group of friends enjoying each other's company.

Plan a Sushi Party

Sushi Party Dinner

If the bachelor is a big time sushi lover, planning a sushi party makes perfect sense. Whether you are preparing the sushi rolls on your own or having the party catered by your favorite Japanese restaurant, just sit and relax to enjoy sushi and sashimi on repeat while in the company of the most special friends a guy can have. In case you decide to make your own sushi, these sushi recipes are great for beginners and will get you a head start on the art of sushi making.

Go Parachuting

Group of men skydiving

If you have friends who are adrenaline seekers and enjoy thrilling experiences, sky diving is a great option for those who are looking for an intense activity to do and are not afraid of heights. Look for a place that offers tandem skydiving specials for a group of people and be ready to enjoy free fall and a parachute flight for an epic adventure.

Host a Wine And Cheese Night

Hands of people holding wineglasses over a table of cheeses

Invite your buddies over for a fun wine and cheese night. Encourage them to bring a bottle of their favorite wine to share while you supply cheeses that pair well with most types of wine. You can include 2-3 types of cheeses in different textures (hard or soft) and from different sources (cow, goat or vegan).

Spend a Weekend in Vegas

Four men sitting in casino playing roulette

Take your weekly poker nights up a notch by flying to Vegas with your best friends. Kick off your bachelor weekend enjoying the luxury of a casino resort. You and friends can plan an exciting poker night, an awesome celebratory dinner, and even a special show or concert without leaving the hotel amenities.

Go on a Golf Retreat

Friends Playing Golf on a Beautiful Sunny Day

Find the perfect destination for a golf retreat. You can get up early for a special brunch at a golf club and hit the course for a round of golf to kick off the celebration. If you and friends consider yourselves beginners, you can start with 9 rounds if you think 18 rounds of golf might be a little intimidating.

Host a Backyard Get-Together

Happy friends sitting together with beer bottles in garden

Plan an epic night time backyard get-together. Friends can pitch in and bring something to grill and drinks to share. To keep the party going, consider planning a bonfire, starting a cannonball competition, or playing an entertaining board game, such as Drink-A-Palooza.

Meet at a Pub

Group of friends drinking beer at the pub together

Plan a happy hour with friends to take advantage of the awesome drink specials and appetizers. You can treat yourself and friends to a special casual dinner. If the pub provides extra entertainment, such as adult karaoke, it can be a great stress reliever if you are feeling anxious about the big day. So, sing your heart out and have a blast.

Book a Beer Bike

Beer bike

Book a beer bike and pedal your way to the next bar. If you are not in a mood for going from one bar to another, you and your friends can bring your own drinks and just enjoy a ride around town with a unique party on the wheels experience.

Attend a Show or Concert

Friends clapping together at concert

Is your favorite artist performing near you? Make plans to attend the concert if you are looking for a fun, low-key bachelor night idea. Make sure you purchase the tickets and book a hotel room in advance if the concert is happening in a different town. Whether you are attending a stand-up comedy or your favorite country singer, make this experience count. It's your bachelor party, after all.

Go Hiking

Group of friends hiking with backpacks in the mountains

Looking for an epic outdoor adventure? Go hiking and explore that new exciting place that has been on your bucket list. You can add extra excitement with mountain biking or water rafting if you are feeling extra adventurous. When going hiking, it's important to always be prepared. Make sure your backpack has room for a water bottle, snacks on-the-go, and a towel. Don't hit the trails without a cell phone being fully charged and a first-aid kit in case of an emergency.

Attend a Sports Event

Men cooking at barbecue during tailgating party

If you are a big sports fan, kick off your bachelor party by treating yourself to a ticket for a sports event. A fantastic idea would be a tailgating party to warm up before the game. Assign each person to contribute to the gathering with a cooler filled with drinks, a portable grill, disposable plates and utensils, and food such as burgers and hot dogs.

Plan Winter Activities

Friends with snowboards on winter holiday

Hit the slopes for exciting winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. If you don't live near a ski resort, it's a great opportunity to go on a much needed trip with your close friends for the ultimate guys-only weekend. Whether you are a diehard skier or beginner, skiing and snowboarding are loads of fun at any level.

Sign Up for an Epic Mud Run

Mud run obstacle course

If you are looking for an activity that requires a lot of strength and stamina, sign up for an epic mud run. Be ready for a lot of climbing, running, and crawling as you try to go over obstacles. It will be a messy yet unforgettable experience even if you don't make it to the finish line.

Take a Crossfit Class

Men pushing weighted sled at cross training gym

If you are a gym rat, taking a Crossfit class will be the highlight of your bachelor celebration. Call the nearest Crossfit box to get information on their schedule and plan a day to challenge yourself doing a WOD (work out of the day) that you have been dying to try. If friends are joining you on the fun, you can plan a double under or handstand competition just for fun.

Go Fishing

Friends Fishing Trip

Fishing is a low-key idea if you are looking for something peaceful to do with your buddies. Spending a day on the water will give you the opportunity to enjoy a day away from all the distractions of everyday life and strengthen the bond between you and your friends while trying to catch a fish or two just for the fun of it.

Take a Road Trip

Friends on a road trip along the coast

Invite friends to go on an exciting road trip. You can explore small towns along the way, try new restaurants that offer unique dishes you can't find anywhere, and visit a few national parks you haven't been to yet. Be sure to collect postcards of each interesting place you visit to share with the special bride-to-be. You may want to return to those same places as a married man.

Have a Spa Day

Men in sauna

Spa day is not for women only. The guys deserve some pampering, too--especially when one of them is about to get hitched. Treat the bachelor and his buddies to a relaxing massage, detox facials, and even a manicure or pedicure. It will be a day to remember for sure.

Set Up a Taco Bar

Taco with beef, pork and chicken

Taco is always a great choice when it comes to fun and casual celebrations. Create an interactive taco bar experience for your guests in which they can customize their tacos to their liking with all the fixings found at a typical taco bar and more. Treat yourself and friends to delightful margaritas or other cocktails that are perfect for a party with a cool fiesta vibe. These 25 delicious margaritas recipes can elevate your taco bar experience and take your party to the next level.

Rent an Airbnb for the Weekend

Male friends sitting on patio

Rent an Airbnb for the weekend for a relaxing getaway. You can split the costs with a group of friends and rent the house of your dreams. If the Airbnb features a pool with a breathtaking view, you can plan a low-key celebration poolside to enjoy delicious foods and refreshing drinks while staring at beautiful peaceful views.

Prank the Bachelor

No bachelor party is complete without a few pranks. Just make sure they are harmless and not plain cruel, because the last thing you want is to hurt the groom's feelings and spoil the fun for everybody with senseless practical jokes. These funny pranks for grown ups will give you a head start and make everyone giggle.

21 Bachelor Party Ideas From Relaxing to Rowdy