Beach Themed Wedding Cupcakes

Updated January 4, 2019

Seaside Wedding Cupcakes

Gorgeous beach weddings deserve cupcakes that pay homage to the destination. Whether you want an elegant tropical flower or a festive sun and sand design, the right decorations will make your cupcakes stand out. Pick your flavor and then select the perfect beachy design.

Palm Tree Beach Cupcakes

Getting married on a beach often means you're in a warm or tropical locale. If this is the case for your nuptials, add a palm tree to your cupcakes to represent your destination beach wedding. A fun little gummy teddy bear can be added in your wedding color.

Tropical Flower Cupcakes

Brightly colored mini fondant flowers top these festive cupcakes. Cut them out of fondant and gently shape to create a cupped flower. Use a variety of colors or stick to your wedding colors.

Sand Scene

Put together a fun sand scene using fondant shapes. A beach towel, blanket, ball, sandals, and pail adorn this cute cupcake. It's perfect if you have lots of kids attending the wedding who will take advantage of all the beach has to offer.

Elegant Blue Ocean

White, silver, and blue pearls adorn the top of this ocean-themed wedding cupcake. These cupcakes represent the bubbles created by ocean waves crashing down on the beach. Add small blue flowers to complete the elegant design.

Seashell Cupcakes

Frost cupcakes in your wedding color(s). Top the frosting with small fondant or gum paste shells. Add a mini umbrella for a fun-loving twist. Display the cupcakes in individual holders.

Mermaid Cupcakes

Beach wedding cupcakes don't have to stick to sun and sand decorations. Instead, incorporate some fantasy into your designs and have ethereal greens and purples with mermaid tails to complement a wedding on the water.

Beach Boat Toppers

A wedding on the water, especially lake water, may have lots of boats in the background. Make miniature origami boats, attach them to toothpicks, and place in cupcakes that are frosted in blue.

Anchors Away Cupcakes

Fondant cut outs of boats and anchors can add to a beach wedding. This is especially appropriate if you plan a boat reception after your beach ceremony. Simply cut out the shapes from fondant and use a bit of royal icing to affix to the cupcake tops.

Sea Creature Cupcakes

Turtles and oysters are commonly found in the ocean and at beaches. If you're an animal lover who wants to highlight this aspect of your beach destination, have them added to the top of your cupcakes. Use bright blue buttercream with molded fondant animal figures.

Molded Chocolate Shells

Making cupcakes yourself means you'll want to keep things simple. Pour colored chocolate candy melts into seashell molds. Allo the shell shapes to harden and then remove. Frost the cupcake in buttercream and then top with each seashell.

Starfish Cupcakes

Starfish are a natural topper for an ocean-side wedding. However, don't feel like they have to look realistic. Instead, cut out fondant ones that are in your wedding colors. Add them to the top of blue frosted cupcakes and place on a decorated cake display table.

Smiling Sun Cupcakes

Everyone's happy on a sunny wedding day, so incorporate that into your cupcake design. A fondant sun with cool sunglasses is a neat design that not everyone's seen before. It's especially fitting if you plant to let the bridal party wear their shades throughout the wedding.

Easy DIY Beach Cupcakes

DIY beach cupcakes are simple when you use purchased toppers, like flip flops, and a few sprinkles. Use colorful wrappers and large confetti sprinkles, then place flip flops on top. This is a great way to save money, too.

Starfish Cupcake Display
More Details

Plain white cupcakes are topped with small stars to represent starfish in this great display. The top of the stand features a beach wedding cake topped with a starfish. Each tier has blue ribbon to continue the beach color theme throughout.

Serving cupcakes at your beach wedding makes your wedding dessert easy. Plan your design early and you're sure to have one that fits your beachy style!

Beach Themed Wedding Cupcakes