23 Wedding Cupcake Ideas Slideshow for Any Wedding

Updated January 7, 2019

Cupcakes for the Couple


Select from a variety of wedding cupcake ideas in pictures to find the perfect festive mini cake for your celebration. Decorations can be as elaborate as you want, whether they are done in frosting or as separate toppers. Color, season, and wedding theme all factor into your design choice.

Classic White Tiers


Classic white wedding cupcakes in a tiered arrangement are always popular. They often feature a flower topper, usually made from fondant or gum paste. Add lace doilies and ribbon to create the traditional look on the cake table.

Flower Cupcakes


Flower decorations are some of the most popular looks for wedding cupcakes. Add rings of small blooms along the edge of the cupcake and tiny pearl details for elaborate treats that will be just as beautiful as any full-size wedding cake. The details are what make this cupcake stand out.

Elegant Lace Cupcakes


Cupcakes can be elegant as well as cute. These lace-adorned treats are as refined as it gets and are perfect for a formal wedding event. Request a pattern that resembles lace on the bride's gown for a personalized touch.

Alternating Flower Designs


Not all of your wedding cupcakes need to have identical designs. Coordinating designs with some similarities in size, color, and theme can give your wedding cupcakes more creativity and beauty, though try to limit the designs to no more than a half dozen. Going overboard can be distracting. These cupcakes are displayed in an alternating pattern.

Gold Sprinkles With Pearls


Unusual cupcake designs don't need to be difficult. For example, you can roll fondant into small balls and cover with edible pearl dust. Add a small flower in your wedding color to the center and then sprinkle with gold dragees. Most DIY brides can recreate this design easily if they leave the flower off.

Chocolate Frosted Cupcakes


Chocolate frosting isn't usually a bride's first choice, but it can look both delicious and stylish. A swirled design is the perfect start, and a small offset white rose with dragees pops against the chocolate frosting. If your frosting is a rich, deep chocolate, add a rose in a bright color to make the cupcake pop.

Blossom Topped Cupcakes


You're not limited to roses, daisies, or other common flowers for topping a cupcake. An iced sunflower cupcake, for example, is perfect for a summer or fall wedding, or you might choose orchids for a tropical wedding theme. Blossoms in varying shades of the same color add depth to a monochromatic wedding scheme.

Something Blue Cupcake


Small blue flowers on wedding cupcakes can be a fun way to add your "something blue" to your wedding reception. Blue cupcake papers are also a possibility. Use layered blossoms in a couple shades of blue to add a interest and take it to the next level.

Mix Mini and Regular Cupcakes


Using cupcakes of different sizes is a great way to fill in the tiers to display your wedding dessert, and doing so can accommodate guests with different appetites for cake. This also creates depth and visual interest if you don't plan to have them elaborately decorated or are putting together DIY cupcakes for the wedding. Switch whether the mini sizes are in the middle or outer ring of each tier.

Bridal Party Cupcakes


These cupcakes are stand-outs with a decorative ode to the bridal party. Combine them with a traditional cake or with plain white cupcakes, or just make them as a sweet treat to honor your attendants. Incorporating the bridal party attire helps bring all aspects of the wedding together.

Embossed Icing


The smaller your cupcakes, the more important the individual decoration details become. Embossed fondant icing is a unique and subtle way to decorate your cupcakes, and you can use abstract swirls, patterns, hearts, or even initials to make your cupcakes unique. If you have time, you could even add color to the embossed patterns to make them stand out further.

Robin's Egg Cupcakes


Bright colors can be used to highlight the bridal theme or to offset traditional whites and ivories. Intricate stenciling on fondant can add subtle details to even the tiniest cakes. These robin's egg blue cupcakes feature a stenciled bird design with pretty pink flower topper.

Yellow Flower Cupcakes


White, pink, blue, and red might be popular wedding flower colors, but don't fret if you selected something like yellow. These varied designs look great and featured a vareity of blooms. Incorporate blossoms, roses, or even daisies into the same display when you stick with the same color scheme.

Decorative Cupcake Papers


Use artistic laser-cut cupcake papers for more elegance. Many laser designs are available, including lace, hearts, autumn leaves, beach themes, and stars, or you can look into customized papers with monograms, dates, or initials. White is most elegant, but any color that matches your wedding will look fantastic.

Winter Cupcakes


Cupcakes are perfect for weddings in any season. For a winter wedding, consider snowflake designs or more whimsical options including snowmen, holly leaves, candy canes, or other holiday symbols. Don't be afraid to have icing drip off the side of the cupcakes to create the icy effect.

Autumn Cupcakes


For a fall wedding, pumpkin or apple spice cupcakes are the perfect choice when topped with cinnamon or nutmeg icing. For a beautiful finishing detail, add a decorative leaf, chocolate shavings, or other coordinating decoration to the design. Marbled fondant makes adding several colors easy.

Fruit Toppings


Many couples choose fruit fillings for their wedding cake to give the flavor a sweet touch, and it's just as easy to add a bit of fruit to wedding cupcakes. Top cupcakes with fruit that coordinates with the cupcake flavor, such as ripe raspberries for a chocolate cupcake, strawberry slices for a vanilla cake, or orange segments for a lemon cream cupcake. Cherries are a perfect topper for black forest cupcakes.

Stenciled Heart Cupcakes


If you aren't a fan of icing, it's still easy to decorate your wedding cupcakes beautifully. Use a heart-shaped stencil and coat each cake with powdered sugar to create the outline either inside or outside the heart. Other options include initials, double hearts, bells, doves, or any simple icons related to your wedding theme, such as leaves for an autumn wedding or shells for a beach wedding.

Spring Cupcakes


Festive spring cupcakes with green grass and blooming flowers are perfect for an outdoor garden wedding. Other seasonal options include birds' nest cupcakes, pastel colors, or spring flowers such as tulips and violets. Coordinate with your theme as well as the season.

Wedding Ring Cupcakes


A wedding with bling means you want plenty of sparkle throughout the ceremony and reception. Top cupcakes with plain white frosting, but then add silver and iridescent sprinkles. Add faux ring toppers and you will have a cute display to match your "I dos" and can double as your bling bling wedding favors.

Coordinate Cake and Cupcakes


If you do plan to have a traditional cake combined with wedding cupcakes, coordinate the designs between them for a unified and sophisticated look. The same color icing and similar accent decorations can tie together your top tier and cupcakes in a lovely and practical way. For example, a larger bouquet can be placed on the cake with cupcakes featuring complementary florals.

Creative Wedding Cupcakes


Nearly anything you could do with cake decorations can be done with cupcakes, so don't let their small size deter you. This lovely single rose surrounded by delicate piped lace is sure to wow even the most traditional guests!

Cupcakes can serve as a total replacement for your cake. Alternatively, add add them to a wedding day sweets table or hand them out as wedding favors. Selecting the right decorations is the first step for making sure your guests leave with a sweet memory!

23 Wedding Cupcake Ideas Slideshow for Any Wedding