Pictures of Head Table Decorations

Updated August 28, 2019

Highlight the Head Table

Pictures of the traditional head table decorations are helpful for deciding what you want on your special day. The head table is usually a long rectangle table where the bridal party sits. However, you don't need a large wedding to warrant a head table; in fact, a sweetheart table that seats the bridal couple is a very popular alternative. No matter the size of the table, decorating it is important because all eyes are up front.

Blue Oceans and Butterflies

An ocean theme is highlighted with a floral centerpiece of lush blue and white chrysanthemums and white gladiolus. Large and medium-sized leaves frame the flowers against the white table linen. Blue butterfly cutouts are pinned to the tablecloth and wedding backdrop as though in flight. White pillar candles are decorated with wide blue satin ribbons and bows repeating the blue color of the napkins folded to resemble sails. Any ocean fan will love this for their head wedding table decoration.

Romantic Sweetheart Table

If you want the ultimate sumptuous sweetheart table, this white bird cage with pink ribbon streamers is at the center of pink roses galore! Light and dark pink roses with a touch of baby's breath spill out from the pillar candle illuminated bird cage. Small glass vases support tiny rose bouquets while rose petals and pearls fan out around the centerpiece. Various styles of candleholders support tealight candles. A cherub peeps around a small vase of miniature pink rosebuds. This is the ultimate couple's wedding table.

Lotus Head Table Decorations

Bring the beauty of a lotus pond to your wedding reception with Asian styled brown and white bowls filled with large lotus blossoms. Surround these with white roses and dried branches that cascade from the arrangements imitating the lotus flower root system. You may substitute with Queen Protea blossom for a similar look. Don't forget to light the white 7-day candles to complete this table decorations.

Rustic Chic

This head table decoration is about as rustic as you can get, but it has a certain shabby chic appeal. A few cedar rounds of different thickness serve as pedestals for makeshift mason jar flower vases. You can even incorporate a crystal candlestick to give that needed lift to a bouquet of hand-picked black-eyed Susans or yellow daisies with black centers. Add other bouquets with sprigs of wildflowers and be sure to tie natural raffia ribbon around each jar

The Chemist and Musician Marry

A mix of chemistry and music makes this table centerpiece mesmerizing. Collect those boiling flasks and specimen bottles from your chem lab, add a little food coloring, and top off with roses and various flowers. The music lover can add a few sheets of favorite songs. Of course, you don't have to be a chemist or a musician to appreciate this fun wedding head table decorations.

Simple Banner Symmetry

There's something to be said about keeping it simple, especially when you're competing with Mother Nature at an outdoor wedding reception. A burlap pennant banner says it all. Symmetry is found with the Mr. and Mrs. wooden plaques that ensures everyone knows who is who. Large jars are commandeered to hold white hydrangeas while a bouquet of pink, white and red grace each side of the table.

Spring in the Garden

This head table decoration is ideal for this outdoor garden wedding reception. You can use a wide range of flowers for this design, such as roses, snapdragons, red anemones, blue irises, pink peonies and a mix of greenery. Place in same size square vases and place close together to provide a continuous non-broken look for the entire length of the table.

Woodland Theme

Choose the type of moss you like best and spread it out along the length of the table. At the center, place a deer antler to create a natural curve to your design center. This provides you with a place for three different votive candleholders and a pair of roses. Add some pinecones, and space votive candle holders throughout the length of your creation. Space vases of roses, magnolia blossoms and other white flowers along with red berries and lots of mixed greenery to give this nature lovers' decoration the perfect finishing touches. Tie a strip of unbleached cotton fabric around the vases and create a bow.

Everybody Gets Flowers

This table design features a bouquet of roses, hydrangeas, baby's breath, and various accent flowers. A vase of flowers is set in front of each place setting to create a continuous flow of abundant floral beauty along the table length. The shades of pink highlight the color scheme.

Doilies, Bottles and Flowers

Beer bottles and other types of bottles are repurposed for this design. The plain bottles are dressed up with lacy doilies tied in place with blue and peach ribbons. Even the votive candleholders are included in the doily decorating. Blue floral fillers are added to simple white flowers to repeat the blue and white wedding color theme. This is a great design for anyone on a tight budget.

Purple Color Scheme

This design features white pillar candleholders made from different flowers spaced between vases of purple florist glass gemstones, and a white fabric ribbons tied around the vase. Pearl garlands are cross draped over the purple tulle skirting for a dreamy otherworldly effect. This design is ideal for any romantic couple who are hosting a purple themed wedding.

Ultimate Flower Extravaganza

This head table is extraordinary with green and blue hydrangeas and white and pink roses in large tall vases. Spaced between these floral masterpieces are bouquets of pink, white, yellow and purple flowers, resembling bridal bouquets placed on the table. If you're looking for the wow factor for your head table, this is it!

Reflections of Perfection

What do you get when you combine a round mirror, gold-colored platter, and a round glass vase filled with pink florist glass gemstones? You have the makings of an incredible floral centerpiece. Just as pink roses and a little gold ribbon stream over the edge. Now, add a hurricane shaped glass vase willed with clear florist glass gemstones, and rosebuds. Repeat and continue down the length of the head table.

Head Table Style

There are many ways that pictures of head table decorations can inspire your ultimate choice in table decorations, especially floral decorations. Choose the style and design that best fits your wedding theme and colors.

Pictures of Head Table Decorations