Angel Aura Quartz Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Published May 14, 2020
rainbow aura quartz crystal cluster

Angel aura quartz is not a naturally occurring crystal. Rather, it is clear quartz that has been treated with high heat and thinly coated with a special mixture of precious and semi-precious metals (mostly platinum and silver) which provides a multi-colored opalescent sheen to the quartz. The bonded metal coating in angel aura quartz imparts special properties to the clear quartz crystals.

Healing Properties and Uses of Angel Aura Quartz

You may also find angel aura quartz called opal aura quartz or pearl aura quartz. Angel aura quartz is a high-vibration stone that has a number of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing properties.

Aligns the Chakras

Because it contains all colors of the rainbow, angel aura quartz can also help balance and align the chakras. To align chakras with angel aura quartz, lie on your back in a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Place a piece of angel aura quartz touching the crown chakra and another touching the root chakra. Visualize energy flowing between the two crystals along the midline of your body (your chakra line).

Balances Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Likewise, angel aura quartz strongly affects the vibration of crown and the third eye chakras, and it can help clear blocked or underactive energy or bring balance to overactive energy in these energy centers. People with unbalanced energy in crown and third eye chakras may have issues such as not being grounded, having physical ailments of the skin, bones, or blood vessels, or suffering from headaches. They may also be extremely closed minded or so open-minded that they seem to lack reason. Place angel aura quartz crystals in the middle of the forehead (third eye) and touching the crown of the head (crown chakra) during meditation to facilitate balance in these chakras.

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Cleanses the Aura

Your aura is a multi-layered energy field that surrounds you and reflects your current emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical states. Negative energy can get stuck in your aura for a number of reasons and using angel aura quartz can help to cleanse and remove this negativity and restore your aura to a balanced state. To cleanse the aura with angel aura quartz, meditate holding the quartz in your non-dominant hand, which is your receiving hand. As you meditate, visualize the energy from the crystal flowing into your hand, into your body, and expanding out beyond you into your auric field.

Connects You to Higher Guidance

Everyone has spirit guides and a connection to other forms of higher guidance that come from the realm of spirit. Meditating with angel aura quartz on your third eye or sleeping with a piece of angel aura quartz between your mattress and box spring at head height (or even on your bedside table) can help energetically connect you to your guidance in meditation and dreams.

Strengthens Intuitive Abilities

Everyone has intuitive abilities, although some people have stopped paying attention to their intuition for various reasons, such as conditioning or religious beliefs. However, your intuition exists to provide guidance throughout your life and listening to it can help you learn and grow as a soul and a human being. Meditate with angel aura quartz on your third eye chakra to strengthen these intuitive abilities or wear angel aura quartz as earrings.

Connects You to Angelic Realms

Angel aura quartz can also connect you to your guardian angels and others in the angelic realm. Like spirit guides, guardian angels can provide guidance. They can also serve as a source of intuition, insight, and comfort for those who seek them. Meditate with a piece of angel aura quartz placed on your crown chakra to connect to angelic realms.

How to Use Angel Aura Quartz

Along with the specific suggestions for using angel aura quartz listed above, you can also wear it as jewelry, place it in your environment, carry it in a pocket or handbag, or hold it during meditation. Some ideas for using angel aura quartz follow.

Make an Angel Aura Quartz Elixir

Make a gem elixir by infusing water with angel aura quartz. To avoid possible toxicity, don't infuse the quartz directly in the water. Instead, fill a glass vessel with water, seal it, and place it in the center of a circle of angel aura quartz or other crystals for 24 to 48 hours. Then, use a few drops of the water in your beverages, in your bath, or even to water your plants.

Create a Cleansing Angel Aura Quartz Room Spray

To make an angel aura quartz cleansing room spray, start with the elixir above. In a small spray bottle, mix 2 ounces of the angel aura quartz elixir with 6 drops each of sandalwood and lavender essential oils. Add 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt or Himalayan pink salt. Shake before spraying. Spritz around the room to provide energetic cleansing.

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Wear It as Jewelry

Wearing angel aura quartz as jewelry can provide ongoing spiritual support. Because angel aura quartz provides the most benefit for the third eye and crown chakras, you'll get the best results wearing it as earrings or a necklace on a short (18-inch) chain.

Place It in Your Spaces

You can use the principles of feng shui and the feng shui bagua to help you place angel aura quartz in your home. It will serve you best in the knowledge and self-cultivation (spiritual growth) sector of your home.

Angel Aura Quartz Maintenance

Over time, crystals' vibrational rates will lower to match the space around them. Therefore, it is important to cleanse your angel aura quartz regularly to ensure it maintains its high vibration. Cleanse your angel aura quartz weekly. For crystals you use in meditation and visualization, cleanse them right before meditating with them to ensure the highest vibration.

Angel Aura Quartz Meaning

Angel aura quartz is a healing crystal that, because it contains all the colors of the rainbow, is considered a master healing crystal. This makes it a good general-purpose crystal for bringing energetic balance and working with all emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health issues. It is called angel aura because it can connect you to angelic realms, and it can help you cultivate higher vibrational energies in your life.

Angel Aura Quartz Meaning, Properties, and Uses