Titanium Aura Quartz Meaning and Best Uses

Published May 21, 2020
Titanium Aura Crystal Piece

Titanium aura quartz isn't a naturally occurring quartz. Rather, it is type of quartz that has a titanium oxide coating bonded to its surface. This gives the surface of the titanium aura quartz crystals a shimmering, multicolored, metallic appearance and affects the meaning, uses, and properties of the crystal.

Titanium Aura Quartz Meaning

Titanium aura quartz is also called the stone of universal light. It is also sometimes called flame aura quartz. Titanium aura quartz is a high vibrational stone. This higher vibrational energy, when combined with the human energy field, can result in a net rise in vibrational frequency in a person working with it. It can also help you connect to Source energy.

Healing Properties of Titanium Aura Quartz

While titanium aura quartz doesn't occur in nature, that doesn't mean it is without healing properties. Bonding titanium oxide to quartz changes the metaphysical properties of the quartz both because titanium has its own healing properties that synergistically combine with the quartz and because the rainbow of colors coming from the titanium oxide coating bring with them their own vibrational frequency. This results in a number of unique healing properties.

Balances Chakra and Aura Energies

As with all other multicolored crystals, titanium aura quartz is a great all-over healing crystal and chakra balancer. It contains all the colors of the rainbow in the titanium oxide coating, which allows the crystals to balance and align chakras by resonating with the frequency of each differently colored energy center. It is also a crystal that effectively cleanses the aura, much like a similar crystal, angel aura quartz. To use titanium aura quartz to balance the chakras or aura:

  • Lie in a comfortable position on your back and place a piece of this crystal just below your tailbone and one just above the crown of your head.
  • Carry it in a pocket to provide continued energetic cleansing throughout the day.

Enhances Meditation and Visualization

Titanium aura quartz has an intense purple or violet cast to its full rainbow of colors. Violet is the color of the third eye chakra, which is the chakra you move into during meditation. Therefore, meditating with titanium aura quartz on your third eye can help deepen your meditation, guided meditation, or visualization sessions. To use it in this way, lie down somewhere comfortable during meditation and rest a titanium aura quartz crystal in the center of your forehead. If you prefer to sit during these sessions, then hold the titanium aura quartz in your receiving hand, which is your non-dominant hand (left hand if you are right-handed or right hand if you are left-handed).

Woman Meditating At Home

Improves Focus and Concentration

The ability to concentrate and focus on tasks is a brain function, and titanium aura quartz helps to improve cognition by balancing third eye chakra energy. This makes titanium aura quartz a great stone to use whenever you need to focus, whether studying for a test, completing a work project, or engaging in a creative activity. Place a piece of titanium aura quartz:

  • In your study area
  • In the spaces where you create
  • On your desk at work to help improve focus and concentration

Enhances Creative Ideation and Fosters Creative Expression

Human beings have a natural creative drive, and titanium aura quartz can help to increase the creative ideas you have and bring them to fruition through creative forms of expression. Many people experience a disconnect between creative ideation and expression; that is, they get plenty of creative ideas but have difficulty expressing them. Flame aura quartz can help to connect the ideas to their expression, and it can also increase your ability for both ideas and expression. To enhance creativity, lie on your back and place a piece of titanium aura quartz on your sacral chakra (just below your belly button, where creative ideas are born) and on your throat chakra (at the base of your throat, where creative expression occurs) and visualize energy connecting the two chakras.

Connects You to Spiritual Guidance

The higher vibrational nature of titanium aura quartz fosters a deeper connection between you, your spirit guides, and Source energy via the third eye and crown chakras. Many people find their best connection to spiritual guidance in dreams, during meditation, or by engaging in automatic writing.

  • For spiritual guidance in dreams, place a piece of titanium aura quartz on your bedside table.
  • For guidance in meditation, hold a piece in your non-dominant hand (your receiving hand) while you meditate.
  • For guidance during automatic writing, place a piece on your writing table or desk.

How to Use Titanium Aura Quartz

Along with the methods of use mentioned above, you can also use titanium aura quartz in the following ways.

Wear It as Jewelry

Since titanium aura quartz supports higher vibrational energies, it's best to wear it near the upper chakras as a necklace or earrings.

Place It in Your Home

You can use the feng shui bagua to determine the placement of titanium aura quartz in your home.

Cleanse It Regularly

Cleanse your titanium aura quartz crystals at least once a week, and during times where it works particularly hard for you (such as when you're studying for finals or engaged in an intense project at work), cleanse it daily.

The Power of Titanium Aura Quartz

Titanium aura quartz is a powerful, high-vibrational crystal that is an excellent choice for people seeking better focus, energetic balancing, and higher spiritual insight. Whether you work with it intensively or simply place it somewhere in the spaces where you work and live, it's a great multi-purpose healing crystal.

Titanium Aura Quartz Meaning and Best Uses