Rainbow Aura Quartz Meaning and Positive Properties

Published May 28, 2020
Beautiful Rainbow Titanium Aura Crystal

A few different types of coated quartz crystals are sometimes also called rainbow aura quartz. There are several varieties of aura quartz crystals, which are made from natural quartz crystals coated with various materials that change the appearance, healing properties, and metaphysical meanings of the quartz. Therefore, the healing properties of rainbow aura quartz depend on what creates the rainbow coating on the quartz crystals.

Rainbow Aura Quartz Meaning and Properties

Rainbow aura quartz does not occur naturally. Quartz crystal is a natural material, but in order for it to turn into rainbow aura quartz, it must be coated with another material that adds an iridescent sheen. In a lab different materials, such as platinum, silver, niobium, titanium oxide, and gold, are bonded to quartz's surface to add the rainbow colors.

Angel Aura Quartz

Sometimes, rainbow aura quartz is another name for angel aura quartz, which is quartz coated with platinum and silver. This gives the quartz a milky, rainbow-colored, opalescent sheen. Properties associated with angel aura quartz include:

Titanium Aura Quartz

In other cases, rainbow aura quartz is used as another name for titanium aura quartz, which is clear quartz with a bonded titanium oxide coating that gives the quartz a shimmering, opaque, rainbow-colored metallic cast. Properties associated with titanium aura quartz include:

  • Aura and chakra cleansing
  • Enhanced meditation and visualization
  • Enhanced creativity and creative expression
Aura rainbow quartz

Quartz Coated With Titanium and Gold

Some consider rainbow aura quartz as a separate crystal from the two noted above. This type of quartz, while it bears a strong physical resemblance to titanium aura quartz, is coated with titanium and gold (as opposed to titanium oxide). If it isn't labeled as such, you'll need to ask in the store what coats the quartz. With such a similar makeup to titanium aura quartz, titanium and gold coated rainbow quartz has all of the properties of titanium aura quartz, but also includes additional healing properties due to the presence of gold in the coating.

  • Releases negative emotions, such as grief
  • Brings healing and insight to difficult relationships
  • Balances the interaction between body, mind, and spirit

Quartz Coated With Titanium and Niobium

This version of rainbow quartz is similar in appearance to the other titanium coated quartz crystals, and it has all the properties of titanium aura quartz along with additional properties imparted by the niobium in the coating. The only way to know if niobium is in the quartz is to ask in the store. Niobium is a transition metallic element, and the metaphysical healing properties it imparts to rainbow aura quartz include the following:

Piece of Rainbow Titanium Aura Crystal in hands

Working With Rainbow Aura Quartz

The easiest way to work with rainbow aura quartz is to place it in your environment as a functional decorative piece. Other ways you can use rainbow aura quartz include the following.

  • Because rainbow aura quartz of all types works with all of your body's energy centers (chakras), you can wear it as jewelry as any type of jewelry.
  • For help connecting with higher entities or spiritual insight, either wear the rainbow aura quartz as earrings or meditate lying down with the quartz placed on your third eye (center of your forehead).
  • Meditate in the center of rainbow aura quartz pieces; at the least, you'll need four to surround you in a square. You can use more to surround you in circles or other shapes as well.
  • For astral travel, hold a piece of rainbow aura quartz in your non-dominant hand, which is your receiving hand, during your astral travel session.
  • For dream travel, place a piece of rainbow aura quartz between your box spring and mattress.
  • Keep rainbow aura quartz at its highest vibration with regular crystal cleansing. Cleanse your rainbow aura quartz crystals once a week; and during times where you give them heavier use, cleanse them every few days. Sage, palo santo, or incense smoke make the best and safest cleansing agent for coated crystals.

Beautiful, Coated Rainbow Aura Quartz

While there are different types of crystals called rainbow aura quartz, they all have similar properties that come from the metals used to coat them. These versatile quartz crystals are both beautiful and useful.

Rainbow Aura Quartz Meaning and Positive Properties