Crystals for Gemini: Balance and Power

Published July 22, 2020
Gemini crystals

If you have Gemini, the Twins, in your birth chart, you have various personality traits, karmic issues, and energetic propensities you can balance by using crystals for Gemini as a medium of energy healing. Certain crystals can work with a Gemini's characteristic energy to help create personal and spiritual growth and balance.

5 Crystals for Gemini

Gemini is an air sign with a mutable quadruplicity and predominately yang (active) energy. Each of these factors imparts certain personality traits to Gemini that have both positive and negative expressions. As with all other zodiac signs, Gemini crystals will help to bring balance and support karmic issues that come with having Gemini in your natal chart. Please note the Gemini crystals are different from Gemini birthstones.

1. Sodalite: Throat Chakra Balance

Geminis are creatively expressive and talkative. In some cases, Geminis can also be gossipy and manipulative with their words. These are all issues that arise from or are supported by the throat chakra. Because of these traits, the throat chakra can easily become imbalanced in a Gemini. In fact, Geminis are so deeply expressive and communicative that the throat chakra is often overactive, which is where sodalite comes in.

sodalite gemstone

Sodalite is a blue crystal that is plentiful and affordable. The blue color balances the throat chakra, allowing Geminis to reign in some of their more negative communication patterns and tendencies. The opacity of the crystal absorbs excess throat chakra energy, while its cubic crystal lattice is stabilizing and can help to amplify Gemini's positive communication traits. To use sodalite to bring balance to your throat chakra, wear a necklace with a sodalite pendant that falls just over your thyroid.

2. Apophyllite: Promotes Truth

Apophyllite is sometimes called "the stone of truth," and it has a frequency that promotes truth and authenticity. It can help people who work with it to see the truth more clearly and be more authentic in their interactions. This aids Gemini in two ways: first, if you have a tendency to play fast and loose with the truth, the apophyllite can help you be more honest. Likewise, Geminis' dual nature allows you to see issues from both sides and working with apophyllite can help clarify the truth.

Apophyllite mineral

When you are struggling to find the truth of an issue, meditate holding the apophyllite in your receiving hand, which is your non-dominant hand. As you meditate, ask for the crystal to help you find clarity.

3. Labradorite: Balances Intellect and Spiritual Truth

Labradorite is a crystal that flashes with multiple colors: violet, gold, orange, and royal blue are a few of the many colors you'll see within labradorite's characteristic colorful, flashy luminescence. These flashes of color are called labradorescence. Because it has multiple colors breaking through its blue gray surface, labradorite is an excellent stone to support the third eye chakra, which is where Gemini's quick, critical intellect vies for mind space with deeper spiritual truths.

Rounded Labradorite stone

Geminis are frequently of two minds when it comes to spiritual truth versus intellect, and they may struggle with finding a balance between them, but labradorite can help. To create balance, lie on your back with a piece of labradorite in the center of your forehead, which is the location of your third eye chakra. Then, be open to any information that arrives while you are meditating in this way. The labradorite will quiet your nonstop thinking mind and allow you to tune in to spiritual truths.

4. Hematite: Grounds Quick Moving Air Signs

One tendency of all air signs, including Gemini, is that they aren't grounded. Geminis have quick minds and vivacious personalities, but they can also be flighty due to the presence of air in their chart. To counteract this and help Gemini find their true power, crystals that are grounding and represent the earth element can bring Gemini back to earth so they can better focus and direct their energy.

Hematite formation rock

Hematite is a magnetic, grounding stone, so it's a perfect way to provide the earth element to airy Gemini, which can stabilize the dual nature of the Twins. Carry a piece of hematite in a pants pocket or wear a hematite ring, bracelet, or anklet to help you remain grounded.

5. Tourmalinated Quartz: Integrates Duality

Gemini's dual nature of the Twins is the human embodiment of the duality present in reality. In other words, Geminis reflect in their personality and actions the dualities (opposites) present throughout the universe, such as the interplay between dark and light, earth and sky, or hot and cold. While this may make Gemini seem two-faced to outsiders, in truth Geminis like to play with duality, understanding that one extreme cannot exist without the other.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated quartz is a combination of a clear quartz stone with small inclusions of black tourmaline inside of it. This crystal is perfect for Geminis in that it represents both earth energy (in the black tourmaline) and spiritual energy (in the clear quartz). The presence of opposites balances energy and allows it to flow naturally between the root chakra and crown chakra, helping Gemini to integrate opposite energies inherent in their nature. To work with tourmalinated quartz, wear it as a pendant on a long chain that falls to about mid-chest level.

Find Balance With Gemini Crystals

Working with crystals can align the extremes of Gemini's energies to bring more balance, focus, and groundedness. When you work with crystals, be sure to cleanse your gemstones regularly in order to maintain their energy.

Crystals for Gemini: Balance and Power