How to Communicate Effectively With a Libra

Published March 27, 2019
Two women talking on a train

Communication is important; most of the problems in any relationship are due to miscommunication. A Libra always has a smile on their face and they are light, witty, and charming conversationalists, but understanding them can sometimes be confusing because their mind is often in a "yes, no, maybe so" mode.

The Nuances of Communicating With a Libra

Libra is the Social Cardinal Air sign of the zodiac that's ruled by the planet Venus. In short, this means those with a Libra Sun tend to initiate conversations with others and have excellent communication skills in social settings. However, if you spend much time talking to them, you'll come to realize that understanding what they think and where they're coming from can be difficult.

How Libras Think

Things to understand when talking with a Libra:

  • They tend to be charming, friendly, and agreeable
  • They tend to be indecisive
  • They can sometimes be superficial and say what's expedient at the moment
  • They tend to let others change their thinking
  • Their opinions vary from one conversation to the next
  • They are quick to play devil's advocate

Conversation Tips

Things to remember when you're talking with a Libra:

  • Smile and be polite and diplomatic
  • Keep the conversation intelligent and interesting
  • Ask questions and listen
  • Comment on what a Libra is saying
  • Don't get emotional
  • Be ready to debate but don't be argumentative

Debating With a Libra

A Libra dislikes conflict, but they love to debate. They see a debate as a frank and fair discussion of views. Debate a Libra, and you'll find:

  • They're refined and polite.
  • They'll listen carefully to all your points and answer them one by one.
  • They'll surprise you with the points they raise.
  • They're persistent and knowledgeable.

A Libra will bend over backward to keep any conversation or debate pleasant and unemotional, but at a certain point, if the give-and-take of a debate gets out of balance, unfair, loud, or ugly, it can bring out a side of them you rarely see.

Balance and Fairness

Libra is all about balance and fairness. If they feel a discussion is getting unbalanced, they can switch their position and defend something that they argued against yesterday. A Libra sees the pros and cons in all sides of an issue and can be indecisive. However, if they believe something, they will debate their point endlessly. And if that's the case, it's best to stay calm and try not to argue with them.

The Best Way to Communicate With a Libra

A Libra thrives on interacting with others, so, any way you choose to communicate with them is welcome, but there are better ways than others.

In Person

In person is the best way to communicate with a Libra. A Libra likes the company of others, and if the conversation is more than a friendly chat, this is also better for you. When you speak face to face, you can pay close attention to a Libra's body language and facial expressions and note if these confirm what they're saying.

Phone Conversations

A Libra will be friendly, considerate, and polite on the phone, but a Libra's tendency to be so agreeable and nice can lead to misunderstandings if the conversation is more than a short friendly chat.

Text and Email

A Libra is likely to relish the fact that emails and texts give them the ability to say a well-mannered "maybe," but it gives you little chance of getting anything definite from them.

The Planet of Communication

A Libra Sun will always have a bearing on how to communicate with a Libra, but astrology's planet of communication is Mercury. Mercury is the planet of observing, talking, and listening. Someone with a Libra Sun might very well have Mercury in Scorpio. This Libra Sun would be more cautious in who they chat up, more intense, formidable, and probing in their conversations, and could easily use words as weapons.

How to Communicate Effectively With a Libra