What Are Planes of Expression in Numerology?

Updated November 1, 2021
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Planes of expression is one of the most important parts of a numerology reading. They represent mental levels that are intrinsic to everyone. It's your unique combination of their vibrational energy that makes up your temperament and gives a distinct individuality to your personality.

What Are the Planes of Expression?

Numerology's four planes of expression show all of the vibrational energies of each letter in your birth name. The four planes of energy are the physical (body), mental (mind), emotional (feelings), and the intuitive (spirit and inner perception) planes.

The Four Planes of Expression

The four planes reveal a great deal about a person's temperament and general nature. They represent the energy an individual uses to act or react to any given situation. Each letter of the alphabet, from A-Z, is assigned to one of these four planes.

Physical Plane of Expression

Physical Plane of Expression

The physical plane letters deal with the five physical senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, and the potential for physical strength, endurance, and size. Those with an emphasis on physical plane letters act and react physically. These individuals are active and deal with the here and now. They are practical, have common sense, and are good organizers who are systematic and methodical.

Physical plane keywords: Active, doing, leading, building, moving, authority, and aggressive.

Mental Plane of Expression

Mental Plane of Expression

Mental plane letters indicate those aspects of the personality that revolve around thinking, strategy, problem-solving, and learning. An emphasis on the mental plane indicates strong intellectual abilities. These individuals act and react mentally and are guided by facts. They have exceptional reasoning powers and are problem solvers, who deal with the facts, see the big picture, draw conclusions, and have strong opinions.

Mental plane keywords: Thinking, acting, political, planning, strategic, and scheming

Emotional Plane of Expression

Emotional Plane of Expression

Emotional plane letters indicate those aspects of a personality that revolve around sensitivity, emotion, relationships, and feelings. An emphasis on the emotional plane generally suggests that the individual relies heavily on their emotions for guidance. They act and react on their feelings and are sentimental, imaginative, creative, and artistic individuals who have little regard for fact or analysis.

Emotional plane keywords: Feeling, caring, affectionate, nurturing, dependent, creative, imaginative, and loving.

Intuitive Plane of Expression

Intuitive Plane of Expression

Intuitive plane letters indicate those aspects of the personality that revolve around intuition, introspection, and inner perception. Those with an emphasis on the spiritual plane are generally psychic and have a strong interest in spiritual matters. These individuals are guided by their intuition or higher mind and are sensitive, caring, and compassionate with others. They shy away from the limelight, are easily hurt, usually lead quiet, reclusive lives about seeking knowledge and inspiration.

Intuitive plane keywords: Intuitive, psychic, wise, faithful, insightful, escapist, and dogmatic.

How to Calculate Planes of Expression

To calculate your plane of expression, use your given birth name (first name, middle name, and last name). Simply count how many letters from your name fall under each plane. The number of letters in each plane indicates which Plane of Expression is strongest in you and which ones are weaker. The largest sum of the numbers found on each plane reveals how you deal with your experiences on that plane.

Planes of Expression and the letter for each:

  • Physical letters - D E M N V W
  • Mental letters - A H J Q S Z
  • Emotional letters - B C F K L O T U X
  • Spiritual letters - G I P R Y

Example Using Tom Hanks

Actor Tom Hanks' full name is Thomas Jeffrey Hanks

  • Physical -M E E N (4)
  • Mental - H A S J H A S (7)
  • Emotional -T O F F K (4)
  • Spiritual - R Y (2)

Tom Hanks is a number 7 on the mental plane. In numerology, the number 7 is considered magical and lucky. It brings heaven to earth. Tom Hanks is a heavenly individual on an earthly path looking for an intellectual connection to the spiritual world that will give his life experiences greater meaning.

Weak or Missing Planes of Expression

Some individuals are guided totally by their senses, while others live almost entirely in their hearts or minds. When one plane is missing or weaker than another, it doesn't mean you have problems in that plane. It may simply mean that plane is not a significant issue for you. On the other hand, a weak or missing score on a particular plane can be an aspect of your personality you need to work on. An over-reliance on any one plane is likely to cause an imbalance in your life.

Understanding Your Planes of Expression

Each of the four planes has its own strengths and weaknesses. And each plane shapes your life. Understanding numerology's planes of expressions can give you a bit of insight into who you are as a person, aid you in understanding how others perceive you, and why you perceive them as you do.

What Are Planes of Expression in Numerology?