What Sagittarius Men Are Like in Relationships

If you're thinking of dating a Sagittarius guy, here's what you can probably expect.

Updated December 2, 2022
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Are relationships with Sagittarius men worth pursuing? You bet they are! Still, they're not the best match for shrinking violets. If you're interested in a Sagittarian man, your beauty needs to be more than skin deep. You'll need to be intelligent, strong, independent, and daring. A good sense of humor is often essential when pursuing a Sagittarius man.

Sagittarius Men in Relationships

Sagittarians are rovers and can be tough to pin down. Although capturing the interest of a Sagittarius man is relatively easy, keeping him interested can be challenging. These guys bore easily, are blunt and honest to a fault, and patience is not their strong suit. So, there will be some relationship challenges with a Sagittarian man.

Sagittarians Have Commitment Issues

Most Sagittarian men live out loud. They're adventurers who find settling down a bit dull for their tastes. Still, all Sagittarian men are different related to their individual birth charts. There are more intellectual, professorial types of Sagittarians who are forever teaching and preaching. There are comics with a rapid-fire sense of humor that are everyone's friend and the life of any party. There are sports nuts, and some are history buffs. It's rare to find a quiet Sagittarian man. Still, Sagittarian men have one thing in common: they fear losing their freedom and are typically commitment shy.

A Sagittarius Man Is Captivated by the Chase

One of the biggest reasons that relationships with Sagittarius men run out of steam is that Sagittarians love the thrill of the chase. They can get caught up in all there is to discover about this new person. Unfortunately, every new relationship reaches a time when the discovery stage is over, and it's time to move into a long-term commitment. Pushed for exclusivity, a Sagittarian man will begin to feel tied down and lose interest. It won't be long until he cuts and runs onto a new romantic adventure.

Sagittarian Men Have a Short Fuse

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One of Sagittarius's less pleasant characteristics is having a short fuse that leads to occasional temper outbursts. Sagittarians can quickly become angry and say things in the heat of the moment that they regret later. Sagittarian men have a habit of putting foot in mouth. Apologies may follow, but to a person who takes words to heart, the damage has been done.

Sagittarius Men Are Blunt and Honest

Are Sagittarius men liars? Well, there are dark Sagittarians who tend to bloviate. Still, a typical Sagittarius man is blunt, honest, and seldom sugarcoats anything - even to himself. He is who he is and will bluntly say what he's thinking without realizing that his quick-fire words can sting. It takes a confident person to handle such blunt honesty without letting it hurt them or end the relationship.

Sagittarius Men Are Physical

Sagittarius men love sports and being on the move. They can't be stabled at home for too long without getting antsy. They must be outside, exploring their surroundings, meeting new people, and learning new things. To Sagittarius, life is an adventure meant to be lived, and they need a partner willing to explore life with them. If you're a homebody, a Sagittarius man is not for you.

Sagittarius Men as Lovers

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Sagittarians are physical guys who have a highly sexual nature. They consider sex an adventure and are always up for something new. Some Sagittarian men are exhibitionists and enjoy the thrill of making love in semipublic places. Yes, Sagittarius men are exciting, experimental, playful, athletic, and generous lovers. Time spent making love with a Sagittarian man can be a hot, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable experience - unless you're a hearts-and-flowers romantic.

Dating a Sagittarius Man

If you're dating a Sagittarius man, don't expect to catch a movie or have dinner and drinks at a posh restaurant. These guys are more likely to take you on a hike or to a sporting event, a sports bar, an international market, an aquarium, or an art exhibit. He might even take you to work out with him. As with most everything in a Sagittarian's life, they want their dates to be adventurous and fun. One thing's for sure, your time together will never be boring. So, enjoy!

Sagittarius Men Are Loyal and Loving

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It's also important to know that Sagittarius men are loyal and loving once committed to a relationship. Although it can take a lot of effort to pin a Sagittarius man down to an exclusive relationship, they're well worth the effort. Keeping a Sagittarian man engaged and content takes loyalty, honesty, intellectual conversations, and spontaneous adventures, as well as fun, playful, and loving interaction.

Meet the Sagittarian Male

You get what you see with a Sagittarius man. He's the optimistic bon vivant - the outgoing life of the party who is up for anything. He's educated and knowledgeable, loves going places and talking to diverse people, keeps up with the latest news, travels when the mood strikes him, and charts his own course. Life with this man can be exciting for someone who's up to accompanying him on his gadabout life.

What Sagittarius Men Are Like in Relationships