Scorpio Men in Love: Characteristics to Expect

Updated February 3, 2022
Magnetic Scorpio man

When a Scorpio man is in love, it's intense. These strong, silent, mysterious guys want to feel the ecstasy and agony of love and thrive in all-consuming relationships. One thing's for sure, loving a Scorpio man is not for the weak or faint-hearted.

A Scorpio Man in Love

When a Scorpio man falls in love, it's a profound and transforming experience he feels down to his core. He wants to become one with the person he loves, and he wants to feel all the pain and pleasures of love. A Scorpio man can lose himself in love and be transformed by it.

Scorpio Men in Love Are Dedicated and Loyal

Love 'em or hate 'em, no one can question the fact that once a Scorpio man loves you, he'll be dedicated, loyal, and steadfast in his affections. This is not to say that Scorpios never cheat. Still, for the most part, you can count on his love being the true-blue variety--as long as you don't try to control him or do anything that makes him jealous and suspicious.

What to Expect from a Scorpio Man in Love

Date a Scorpio man once, look into his piercing, hypnotic eyes, feel him staring into your soul, and you'll just know that falling in love with him will change your life. Scorpio men tend to be natural leaders who are assertive, dominant, protective, courageous, strong, intelligent, intuitive, investigative, and intensely passionate. You can expect all of these traits to show up when a Scorpio man is in love.

A Scorpio Man Is Intense and Passionate

Scorpio is ruled by planets Mars and Pluto. Mars is considered a hot fiery masculine planet, and Pluto is deemed to be cold because it takes no prisoners. Pluto is the planet of death, metamorphosis, and rebirth, as is revealed in Scorpio's symbols. When these two forces combine, they create alpha energy that's incredibly intense and passionate. While a Scorpio man is intensely passionate about romance and sex, this guy becomes intensely and passionately focused on anything he finds fascinating.

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A Scorpio Man Can Sense Your Thoughts and Feelings

Scorpio is the fixed water sign of the zodiac, and water is emotional and intuitive. Fixed water, like a swamp, absorbs everything. When your Scorpio man tunes into you, he'll know exactly what you're feeling. They have "spidey senses" and can anticipate what you're going to say and intuitively sense your emotions. A Scorpio man is emotionally receptive and emotionally secretive.

A Scorpio Man Is Obsessive, Competitive, and Aggressive

All Scorpios men are obsessive. However, that's not always bad. These guys are competitive, goal-oriented, and their ability to hyper-focus empowers them to attain their goals. The downside is that they can make life hell for those around them, particularly lovers or mates. In romantic relationships, a Scorpio man can be highly aggressive. Their "win at any cost" approach can spell trouble if a Scorpio guy becomes obsessed and fixated on you.

A Scorpio Man Is Territorial

A Scorpio man can be great at hiding this truth, but he's a highly jealous creature. He's territorial, and this leads him to mistrust others. If a Scorpio man senses you're interested in someone else, he'll craft a plan of action which, more often than not, will include manipulation. A Scorpio man wants what he wants. Of course, his manipulation isn't nefarious. It's more of a charm offensive that involves his physical magnetism and, more often than not, sex.

A Scorpio Man Can Be Cool and Emotionally Distant

A Scorpio man can often seem cool and distant to others. This is not intentional; it's part of his fixed persona. He can get caught up in other activities and leave a mate or lover feeling neglected. The best way to handle this is to gently let your Scorpio man know that he's getting lost in whatever he's fixated on. A lover needs to remember that the distance they feel doesn't mean he does not care about them. Still, it's best to remember that behind a Scorpio man's cool and reserved exterior hides a huge pot of boiling water, and you don't want to do anything that would cause it to boil over.

A Scorpio Man Needs to Be in Charge

Like it or not, a Scorpio man needs to be in charge. These guys are born leaders who are usually very assertive and dominant. Of course, this trait lends itself to all areas of life, including the bedroom. That said, they don't like passive mates or lovers. Scorpio men want a willing and involved partner. Even if you hold power in the relationship, you must let him think he's in charge.

A Scorpio Man Is Sexually Dominant

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If a Scorpio man is attracted to you physically and the feeling is mutual, you can expect a highly intense and passionate experience. The intensity of his lovemaking becomes more amplified if there's a strong emotional connection. It's a major turnoff if you attempt to dominate a Scorpio man in bed. He'll love if you initiate sex, but if you have an agenda, he'll know and is likely to call the whole thing off. Sex for Scorpio man is a very profound experience in which he loses himself and is reborn.

A Scorpio Man Is Fiercely Independent

A Scorpio man is independent and hates the idea of someone taking care of him. The quickest way to turn off a Scorpio man is to be a clingy caregiver. Doing this is a big mistake, particularly during the first few months of dating. A Scorpio man will not be controlled in any way - by anyone.

Dating and Loving a Scorpio Man

Dating and loving a Scorpio man can be complicated. He's not always going to be the easiest man to get along with. You might think he's self-absorbed or too much to handle, but that's actually not the case. A Scorpio man is a man of extremes who lives hard, loves hard, hurts hard, and feels everything deeply.

Scorpio Men in Love: Characteristics to Expect