Understanding Virgo Season and Its Influence

Published March 5, 2020
Astrological sign of Virgo

Understanding the Virgo season provides insight about its influence on your life. When you know the various energies and attributes of the season, you can capitalize on them.

Understanding Virgo Season and Taking Advantage of Its Influence

The Virgo season begins on August 23 and lasts until September 22. The Virgo season brings you this zodiac's attributes of discipline and perfectionism among others. The Virgo season is an excellent time to reach those long-held goals or start new a plan of action to grow your career or personal life.

Virgo Season Is Industrious and Orderly

The Virgo attributes of being industrious and orderly are prominent. Virgo cannot exist in chaos. You can take advantage of these energies and put things in order. This may be your home and/or your personal life.

  • If your finances are unorganized, you can find the willpower and motivation to tackle organizing them.
  • If your home is cluttered with stacks of clothes, magazines, books or overflowing cabinets and closets, now is the time to get these organized.
  • If your personal life is suffering from chaos, download an app to help you get things under control.
  • Compartmentalize the various areas of your life you want to improve and set realistic goals.

Money Matters

Virgo is a very frugal sign. That doesn't mean Virgo scrimps on quality. Virgo will save money to buy only the best. Virgo keeps a close eye on finances.

  • You can use these traits to your benefit by adopting a more frugal spending habit.
  • Start a savings account and commit to a fixed amount for monthly deposits.
  • Evaluate your spending habits and create a new spending budget by cutting expenses where you can.

Revise Your Work Habits

This month is a great time to revise your work habits. Virgo is a productive worker. If you want to increase your productivity, the Virgo season is an ideal time to focus on this goal.

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Instant gratification isn't part of Virgo's character makeup. Caution and planning are. During the Virgo season, you may find things slow down. You may have a longer wait for that job promotion or loan approval. In the meantime, you can start making plans.

Turn a Critical Eye

Virgo is the super critical one of the twelve zodiac signs. During the Virgo season, you may find yourself being overly critical when you aren't normally. You may need to bite your tongue in order to preserve your relationships until the Virgo season is over.

Constructive Criticism

On the other hand, you can take advantage of this newly found critical eye and turn it into a positive. Constructive criticism is always cushioned with positives. If you're in a position to offer criticism, make sure you cushion it with a few words of praise.

Critical of Self

Another attribute of the Virgo zodiac sign is self-criticism. This can be severe at times, so during the Virgo season, soft pedal any criticism you direct toward yourself. It's good to turn a critical eye on yourself, but this, too, should be constructive. Otherwise, it is pointless and self-abusive.

Health and Eating Habits

Virgo season is an excellent time to turn your attention to personal health and/or family health. If you've been thinking about making changes in your eating habits, Virgo season can help you make that transition. You may decide to start a physical routine, such as yoga or joining a local gym.

Lunar and Planetary Influences During Virgo Season

Your moon sign can play an important role in how you feel during the Virgo season. The moon is ruler of your emotions.

Earth and Water Moon Signs

If your moon sign is compatible with earth element signs, such as Virgo, you may find the Virgo season is a happy time for you. Water and earth moon signs will find the constraints of the Virgo season comforting and enjoy the time of reflection and settling in at home.

Air and Fire Moon Signs

If your moon sign is in an air or fire sign, you may feel restricted during this earth sign period. You can become frustrated with having to wait for things to develop and may even find yourself literally standing in lines. The practicality and drive toward perfection may be too tedious for both air and fire moon signs. The Virgo season can have a depressing effect for these moon element signs.

Planet Placements in Charts

Depending on where the planets are located in your chart can have either a positive or negative influence for you during a Virgo season. You may want to review your natal chart to determine what planets may be affected and the house where they reside.

Importance of Understanding Virgo Season and Its Influence Over You

Virgo season delivers a message of preparation and how this earth sign can influence and help you prepare. This is especially helpful as you emerge from the practicality of the Virgo season and prepare for the next season of Libra, a time to find a balance in life.

Understanding Virgo Season and Its Influence