What the North Node in Sagittarius Means

Published March 5, 2019
Sagittarius sign of the Zodiac

"What am I supposed to do with my life?" "What's my purpose?" "What's my life all about?" If you've ever asked yourself these questions, astrologers believe the Lunar Nodes have the answers. If you were born when the Lunar North Node was in Sagittarius, the short answer is; your purpose is to learn to see and live your life in a more expansive and philosophical manner.

Sagittarius North Node

The North Node (NN) in Sagittarius speaks of the emergence of wisdom. It could be said those with this NN are Sagittarian "wannabes" and their life's story will be one of learning to make decisions based on a combination of knowledge, experience, and intuitive understanding. Sagittarius NN people are waking up to the fact that there's more to life than what meets the eye and are on a quest to know and apply spiritual truths.

Is Your North Node in Sagittarius?

To discover if you have a Sagittarian NN as well as its house placement, you can use the free natal chart generator on Astro Seek and look for the symbols below.

North Node in Sagittarius symbols

What a Sagittarian NN Needs Most

Those with a Sagittarius NN need someone or something to inspire them, to give them a reason to get up in the morning. If this someone or something never manifest, they are prone to check out, in one way or another.

The North Node Takes Time

The North Node is not an energy that's familiar or comfortable, as a result, most Sagittarian NN individuals are self-centered and not terribly broad-minded earlier in their lives. However, there will come a time when something happens that breaks them out of their self-absorbed, superficial reverie and compels them to see the world from a greater perspective. When that time comes, their mission, should they accept it, is to risk becoming a seeker of greater truths and knowledge. Key ages are 19, 38, 57 and 75 (ages are approximate).

Standing Up for Their Truths

Be it religion, politics, animal rights, human rights, or saving the forests, etc., Sagittarius NN individuals are fueled by a need to find and stand up for their truth.

Famous Sagittarius North Node individuals:

  • Franklin Roosevelt: Sagittarius NN in the third house
  • Bill Gates: Sagittarius NN in the fifth house
  • Jane Fonda: Sagittarius NN in the tenth house
  • Anita Hill: Sagittarius NN in the second house
  • Nelson Mandela: Sagittarius NN in the twelfth house
  • Billy Graham: Sagittarius NN in the ninth house

Sagittarius NN Personality

Sagittarian NN individuals are restless and know a little about a lot. They tend to be gadabouts who have a gift of gab and can keep friendly conversations going for hours. When younger, they can say what's expedient for the moment with little regard for truth, understanding what they're talking about, or the consequences of what they say or do.

Habitual traits that cause Sagittarius NN individuals problems:

  • Indecisiveness
  • Second-guessing themselves and others
  • Keeping their options open
  • Trying to be clever
  • Over-thinking
  • Not listening
  • Forcing their opinion on others
  • Inability to see the bigger picture
  • Acting on logic instead of their intuitions and feelings

Sagittarius NN and Relationships

What Sagittarius NN people want in a romantic relationship is to be inspired. They are likely to fall in love with a person who expands their thinking, is adventurous, lets them freely express themselves, and exposes them to different ways of seeing and being in the world. Yes, they will be drawn to Sagittarians or to those with an abundance of Sagittarian energy.

Couple Travelling On A Bus

The Nodes in Synastry

The North Node in synastry is an important piece of information when you're assessing a relationship. If the Sagittarius NN is conjunct another person's Sagittarian planets, it indicates that the person is helping them in some way to fulfill your life's purpose.

Choice of Careers

Due to their restlessness, a Sagittarius NN person needs a career that is life expanding, has meaning, or provide them with a sense of adventure. If they answer their NN's call to higher education, they are drawn to careers in academia, law, politics, the ministry, and travel. Think of Indiana" Jones, who was a professor of Archaeology, a job that not only prompted his adventures but also gave him the insight to solve many of the problems he faced.

Sagittarius North Node in the Houses

The house placement of a Sagittarius NN is as important as its sign placement. Both the Sagittarius NN and the area of life in which it falls (house) are where these individuals are inept, but take risks and often trip over their feet many times in an effort to get the affairs of the sign and house right.

Sagittarius NN in the First House

Your life's experience will teach you to risk being yourself, approach your life as a carefree adventure, develop your own philosophy of life, and good-naturedly accept losses in relationships.

Sagittarius NN in the Second house

Your life's experiences will require you to take risks when it comes to standing up for yourself and discovering your sense of self-worth in the grander scheme of things.

Sagittarius NN in the Third House

Your life's experiences will require you to take leaps of faith in what you're writing, saying, or teaching, as well as to express yourself with a depth of knowledge that can inspire others.

Sagittarius NN in the Forth House

Your life's experiences will teach you that every family has a story, that wherever you hang your hat is home, and to adapt with humor to changing circumstances.

Sagittarius NN in the Fifth

Your life's experiences will require that explore your creative self, discover what's unique about you and then take the risk of putting yourself on center stage.

Sagittarius NN in the Sixth

Your life's experiences will require you to keep your nose to the grindstone, whistle while you work, and have faith that every day holds a measure of luck

Sagittarius NN in the Seventh

Your life's experiences will lead to seeking out partners who differ from you and have experiences that are foreign to you.

Sagittarius NN in the Eighth

Your life's experiences require that you see the mysteries of life as an adventure, open up to more intimacy in relationships, and gain a philosophical acceptance of life after death.

Sagittarius NN in the Ninth

Your life's experience will require that you be the ultimate adventurer in your quest for knowledge as well as to have faith, hope, and optimism that anything is possible.

Sagittarius NN in the Tenth

Your life's experiences will require you to take the risk of being a visionary in your career. You're on a quest for an occupation that broadens you intellectually and allows for freedom of movement.

Sagittarius NN in the Eleventh

Your life's experiences will require you to risk moving into life interactions with like-minded people and share your idealism through group involvement.

Sagittarius NN in the Twelfth

Your life's experiences will require you to create a space in your life where you have the freedom to grow, evolve and look to the future without intrusion.

The Entire Birth Chart

Sometimes a Sagittarian NN individual's entire birth chart is not in agreement with the Sagittarian direction their life takes. However, no matter how much they try to avoid dealing with the issues of the North Node, it will haunt them until they actively engage it. The Sagittarius NN, its house and sign, the sign and house of Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius), as well as how the other planets, by sign and house, play into the person's Nodal story are important to know. However, just a bit of knowledge about your NN can spur you on to finding out more.

The Lunar Nodes

Understanding why you do the things you do, why specific habit patterns hold you back, and how you can overcome them is what the Lunar Nodes are about. They are crucial to Evolutionary Astrology, a type of astrology that evokes the concept of karma and past lives. Evolutionary Astrologers seek to help clients by tapping into this deep material and bringing it into conscious awareness to be dealt with.

What the North Node in Sagittarius Means