50+ Unforgettable Boy Names That Start With U

Published December 3, 2020
Little baby boy with knitted hat

While finding boy names that start with u may feel daunting, rest assured there are plenty of great options to choose from. Enjoy sifting through these unique names and be sure you also love the meanings of your favorite ones.

Boy Names That Start With U

Picking a name can be difficult, especially if you aren't sure where to start. Take your time exploring some u names for baby boys and go with your gut when it comes to picking the right name.

What's a Boy's Name That Starts With U?

There are plenty of adorable boy names that start with U to choose from. Some options include:

  • Uria: My light is God
  • Uriel: Look to God
  • Upwood: Upper forest
  • Ursinius: Bear
  • Umberto: The bright warrior
  • Ulises: Referring to Odysseus and meaning a wound on the leg
  • Uziel: God is my source of strength
  • Ulmer: From the city Ulm
  • Usher: The gatekeeper
  • Ursel: The little bear
  • Uwe: Ruler and sword
  • Ulysses: Having a wound in the leg
  • Uri: God is my source of light
  • Uziah: God is my strength
  • Ulrich: Noble
  • Urie: My light
  • Union: Strength
Unforgettable Boy Names That Start With U

What Names Start With U?

If you haven't found the perfect boy name yet, be patient and know that the right name is out there. Some u name options for boys include:

  • Ugo: Spirit
  • Unai: The shepherd
  • Ursmaro: No known meaning
  • Ulbricht: Respected
  • Ulf: Wolf
  • Ulfr: Wolf
  • Upshaw: A high up area with trees
  • Ulfo: The wolf warrior
  • Udell: From Yew valley
  • Upton: The upper field
  • Urian: Born in the city
  • Uziel: God is my strength
  • Umile: Humble
  • Uranio: Uranium
  • Ursino: Bear
  • Ulstano: One who is from Ulster
  • Udo: The power of the wolf

Unique Boy Names

If you want a more unique name, know that there are plenty of boy names that begin with u that aren't overly used. Some choices include:

  • Uto: Heaven
  • Utz: A ruler
  • Ubert: Bright and intelligent
  • Ulmer: One who is from Ulm
  • Urvan: Of the city
  • Ulysse: Referring to the Greek Odysseus
  • Usama: The lion
  • Unwin: The bear cub
  • Uranus: Referring to the planet and referring to the Greek god of the sky
  • Ulfred: The peaceful wolf
  • Ura: The heart and the ocean
  • Uba: Father and the lord
  • Ubaldo: Brave
  • Uberton: No known meaning
  • Ubin: Granite island and stone
  • Uche: Sense, thoughtful, and the will of God
  • Udall: The yew tree and valley

Baby Boy Names That Begin With U

Finding a boy name that you truly love may take some time. While it may feel overwhelming to find the name that feels just right, know that there are great names available, especially when it comes to baby boy names that begin with the letter U. Take your time exploring different names, and be sure you love their meanings as well before you pick the one that's right for you.

50+ Unforgettable Boy Names That Start With U