80+ Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Are Classicically Cool

Published October 13, 2020
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Old-fashioned boy names offer you a great resource for unique baby names. You can choose one for your little guy that is sure to make him the coolest kid when he is old enough to go to school.

Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Are Classically Cool (A-D)

An old-fashioned boy name is something you want to ponder long and hard before committing to it. You should try to imagine how your boy will respond to his retro name when he is older and realizes just how special his name is. If you feel he will be proud of his name and appreciate its antiquity, then you've found the right now for your baby boy.

  1. Abe
  2. Amos
  3. Archibald, Archie
  4. Artie (Arthur)
  5. Axton
  6. Barton
  7. Bennett
  8. Bertram
  9. Brett
  10. Bud
  11. Butch
  12. Buzz
  13. Calvin
  14. Carlisle
  15. Cecil
  16. Chadwick
  17. Chester, Chet
  18. Clarence
  19. Clifford (Cliff)
  20. Clyde
  21. Denton
  22. Dominic
Old-Fashioned Boy Names

Old-Fashioned Boy Names From the 19th Century (E-G)

There are so many great classically cool old-fashioned boy names to choose from. You can say your favorite names out loud to try them on for size. This process will make your decision much easier. You will instantly know if the name is right for your little guy. If you can't make up your mind, write the names on separate slips of paper, fold and place in a bowl. The first name you draw from the bowl is the one for your baby boy.

  1. Earl
  2. Edison
  3. Elbert
  4. Elon
  5. Elwood
  6. Emmett
  7. Ephrem, Ephraim
  8. Everett
  9. Felix
  10. Fenwick
  11. Firth
  12. Frank
  13. Frederick
  14. Gabe
  15. Gideon
  16. Gilbert (Gil)
  17. Gordon, Gordy
  18. Graham
  19. Grant
  20. Gus
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Old-Fashioned Boy Names to Love (H-J)

Some old-fashioned names are associated with historical figures, such as inventors, founding fathers, and even astronauts. Consider these famous men and their names when considering how your son will like having a historical name. Your son will be proud to share his name with an important historical figure or national hero.

  1. Hadley
  2. Hamilton
  3. Hank
  4. Harvey
  5. Hayden
  6. Herbert
  7. Horace
  8. Hugo
  9. Huntley
  10. Isaac
  11. Isaiah
  12. Jamieson
  13. Jarrett
  14. Jasper
  15. Jeremiah
  16. Josiah
  17. Julian
  18. Kendrick
  19. Kenley
  20. Kenneth
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Old Man Names in Honor of Ancestors (L-O)

Old man names can be vibrant and energetic choices. You can pay tribute to a great-uncle or great-great-grandfather when you decide to make your little tike their namesake.

  1. Langston
  2. Lem
  3. Linus
  4. Lionel
  5. Lloyd
  6. Louie
  7. Luther
  8. Lyle
  9. Marshall
  10. Max
  11. Mick
  12. Milton
  13. Murray
  14. Nathan
  15. Nelson
  16. Neville
  17. Norman
  18. Orson
  19. Orville
  20. Otto
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Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Are Classically Cool (P-Z)

When you get to the Ps and Qs of choosing the perfect name for your little guy, you want to consider how well the name will age with your son. A cutesy baby name might not be a good choice for a linebacker, should your baby grow up to be a football player.

  1. Pierce
  2. Prescott
  3. Preston
  4. Quincy
  5. Radcliff
  6. Randall
  7. Randolph
  8. Reed
  9. Remington
  10. Rex
  11. Saul
  12. Sebastian
  13. Sherman
  14. Spencer
  15. Sterling
  16. Thaddeus (Tad)
  17. Theodore (Ted)
  18. Tobias (Toby)
  19. Tripp
  20. Vincent (Vince)
  21. Walter (Walt)
  22. Whitman
  23. Windsor
  24. Winston
  25. Wren
  26. Wright
  27. Zack

Choosing the Best Old-Fashioned Boy Names

Deciding on the best old-fashioned boy name for your little guy may require rereading the lists of names a few times. You can carefully sort through the alphabet of old-fashioned names until you find the one you like.

80+ Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Are Classicically Cool