25+ Cute Bridesmaids Captions to Show Off Your Sisterhood

Bridesmaids make the wedding world go 'round. Celebrate them on Insta with a sweet photo & caption.

Published March 2, 2023
Bride with her bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are a huge part of most weddings. They help the bride with wedding planning, make the bachelorette party awesome, and stand up with the bride on one of the most important days of her life. So if you're a bridesmaid this time or are the bride showing love to your squad, you'll love these relatable bridesmaid captions.

Captions About Being a Bridesmaid

Among other bridesmaid's duties, you'll be responsible for taking lots of photos of the bride and your bridesmaid crew - so choose some great captions to go with them.

A group of bridesmaids in festive dresses drinking champagne
  • She said "yes" to being his wife, & I said "yes" to being her bridesmaid!
  • It's a good morning to make mimosas! #bridesmaidduties
  • Adding "hype woman" to my list of bridesmaid skills.
  • Standing by your side today and the rest of our lives!
  • Bridesmaids have two jobs: keep the bride happy and keep the party going.
  • The bridesmaid life is the life for me.
  • Bridesmaiding for my bestie!
  • Honored to be a member of your "I do" crew.
  • Drinking mimosas and getting pampered all day? I could get used to this bridesmaid thing.
  • It's mimosa o'clock! #bridesmaidlife
  • Always here to support you, especially on your big day!
  • Never fear, the bridesmaids are here.
  • Being a bridesmaid definitely has its perks #pamperme
  • Standing next to these amazing women this weekend to celebrate the happy couple.
  • Excited to be here for the girl who's always been there for me #bridesmaidduties
  • Ready to stand by this girl as she marries the love of her life!

Captions From the Bride About Her Bridesmaids

As the bride, you'll have so many photo-ops with your bridesmaid besties, and these captions help you express exactly how much they mean to you.

Young bridesmaids clinking with glasses of champagne
  • The best squad a bride could ask for.
  • Chose the best girls to celebrate the best day!
  • Mimosas with my main maids.
  • My wedding wouldn't be the same without my bridesmaids #grateful
  • My calm demeanor brought to you by these ladies.
  • Picked the best women to be by my side this weekend.
  • Bridesmaids make everything more fun.
  • Cheers to being here with my girls! #bringthebubbly
  • Feeling so much love for my bridesmaids today and every day.
  • My wedding day wouldn't be complete without my sisters by my side.

Bridesmaids Are the Best

It's so special to be a bridesmaid, and just as special to choose who stands next to you at your wedding. These captions speak to the bond of the bride and her bridesmaids, who will be by her side - even after the wedding day.

25+ Cute Bridesmaids Captions to Show Off Your Sisterhood