40+ Dinosaur Jokes That'll Give Everyone Colossal Laughs

Tricera-stop us from sharing these dino-mite dinosaur jokes and puns!

Published April 1, 2023
Young girl dressed up as dinosaur

Feeling a bit like a dino-bore? We have the answer to your prehistoric problem! Get even the oldest fossils shaking in their sediment with laughter when sharing these T-Riffic dinosaur jokes.

Dinosaur Jokes That'll Have Everyone Roaring With Laughter

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You'll definitely dig this list of dinosaur jokes! You can rex assured they will bring some chuckles.

What dinosaurs are the first to respond at a crime scene?


Why did the Velociraptor get up before dawn?

Because the early bird catches the worm!

Why did the dinosaur die young?

Because he lived a sedimentary lifestyle.

What do you call a dinosaur who is good with words?

A thesaurus!

What kind of dinosaur will you always find at the rodeo?

A bronco-saurus!

Why did the Triceratops sign up for a night at the sleep clinic?

He wanted to fix his dino-snore!

How do you sneak a Brachiosaurus off Isla Nublar?

You take Jurassic measures!

Why was the Brontosaurus scared for his life?

The dino-saw a crime!

Why can you always expect a dinosaur to accept a birthday party invitation?

Because they are always up fossil-ebrating!

Why are velociraptors the best huggers?

Because they love to have their arms raptor round you!

What did the Stegosaurus say to his long-lost love?

Aren't you a sight for suar eyes!

Why did the Brachiosaurus walk in on the pterodactyl going potty?

He couldn't hear him! The "P" was silent!

What do dinosaurs use to power their cars?

Fossil fuels!

Why did the dinosaur go to the doctor?

Because he got a dino-sore!

What do you call a dinosaur magician?

A dino-sorcerer

What did the park guide say to the tourist when an escaped dinosaur walked by them in Jurassic Park?


What do dinosaurs call art that they don't like?

An eye-saur!

What did the winged prehistoric reptile say when he felt under the weather?

I feel ptery-ble.

Why did the dinosaur come to the birthday party with an unwrapped present?

Because he didn't know if they would want it raptor not!

What kind of dinosaurs make the best professors?


What did the doctor say to the dinosaur family after they were able to reattach their son's forelimb?

Don't worry, it was just a fossil arm!

What is a dinosaur's favorite type of flooring?


What do you call a dinosaur poacher?

A cold-blooded killer!

Why did the lonely dinosaur say that he wanted to be a fossil?

Because he thought that if he was, then someone would dig him!

Have you heard the story of Jurassic Park?

It's a pretty long tail…

What did the two fossilized dinosaurs put as their relationship status on Facebook?

They were carbon dating!

What do you call a dinosaur who was first afraid and then petrified?

A Diana Ross-asaurus!

Why do dinosaurs not trust reindeer?

They don't know what Comet might do!

T-Rex Jokes That Are Fit for a Tyrant Lizard

Tyrannosaurus Rex On Yellow Background

Don't be a tyrannosaurus wreck! We have plenty of T-Rex jokes for you to enjoy.

What do a Tyrannosaurus Rex and rotten egg have in common?

Their eggs stink!

Why should a T-Rex never play sports?

Because they are saur losers!

Why is a T-Rex's favorite movie Demolition Man?

Because they love dino-mite!

Why did the dinosaur not do well in his interview?

Because he was a nervous Rex!

What is a T-Rex's least favorite song?

If You're Happy and You Know It (Clap Your Hands)!

Why did the Stegosaurus think her T. Rex boyfriend didn't love her very much?

He held out his arms and said, "I love you this much!" Clearly, he doesn't love her at all!

Why did the T-Rex go extinct?

Because he wouldn't take a bath!

Where does a T-Rex's poop go when he flushes?

Into the dino-sewer!

Knock-Knock Jokes for the Connoisseurs of Carnivores

Tyrannosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus fighting

Looking to tip the scales? Try out these knock-knock jokes that will leave folks chomping at the bit for the punch line!

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Terri who?

Terri dactyl!

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Eggs who?

Eggs-tinct dinosaurs are now just a bunch of bones!

Knock knock.

Who's there?

A pair

A pair who?

A pair-odactyls is what you call twin dinosaurs!

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Try who?

Try-ceritops are dinosaurs who always give things a go!

Dinosaur Puns That Are Simply Dino-mite

Just try to tricera-top these puns! We double dino dare you!

  • Looking pretty Pterrific!
  • You are simply Trex-cellent!
  • This day was pretty roar-some.
  • Anything is fossil-ble!
  • I'm raptor round your finger!
  • I just can't tricera-stop loving you!

I dino about you, but this list of dinosaur jokes was pretty humerous. If you are looking for more funny quips, consider perusing jokes that related to the dinosaur's distant relative - the chicken!

40+ Dinosaur Jokes That'll Give Everyone Colossal Laughs