Today's Forecast: 70+ Weather Jokes That'll Bring the Sunshine

Grab your umbrellas! The forecast calls for a shower of silly weather jokes that'll have you splashing with excitement.

Published April 6, 2023
Image of a positive young blonde woman smiling wearing yellow raincoat during the rain in the park

The forecast drives your day to day, and when it's gloomy and gray, it can be hard to stay, well happy. Let us help you brighten your mood with these witty weather jokes and puns that will blow you away! We hope they strike your fancy.

Weather Jokes for Kids That Will Strike Up Some Laughs

Looking for the best weather jokes? Don't sweat it! We predict a funny forecast in your future.

Whimsical Weather Jokes for Kids That Will Strike Up Some Laughs

Why do hurricanes make great pirates?

Because they only have one eye!

Why was the thunder so loud?

He wanted everyone to hear him cloud and clear!

Why are thunderstorms like models?

They have a striking appearance.

You will never beat a thunderstorm in a competition...

They are always the raining champion.

I think my umbrella might have a cold.

He is feeling a little under the weather.

Why do tornadoes make the best storytellers?

Their tales always have a twist at the end!

What does a storm cloud put on every morning?

His thunderwear!

Why are lions the best meteorologists in the animal kingdom?

Because they always make accurate fur-casts.

What accessory did the little thunderstorm wear to the party?

A rainbow.

It is raining cats and dogs out there!

Watch out for all the poodles…

The thunderstorm just found out that the lightning is on strike…

The news was quite a shock.

What happened when the Pee Wee Soccer tournament got rained out?

They gave everyone precipitation trophies!

What did the hailstone have to say about his life?

It has had its ups and downs.

Why should you never ask a tornado about a new movie?

They will spoil everything, even the trailers.

How would you describe a marina after a hurricane?

Mast destruction.

What did the hurricane say before his presentation?

Get ready to be blown away!

What did the sun say to sourdough bread before their fight?

You're toast!

Cold Weather Jokes That'll Have You Shaking in Your Sweaters

Don't have a meltdown! We snow just what to do! Check out these cold weather jokes that are guaranteed to make it an ice day!

Comical Cold Weather Jokes That Will Have You Shaking in Your Sweaters

What did the blizzard say to the comedian?

This is snow laughing matter!

Why do snowmen make the worst dates?

They will always give you the cold shoulder.

Why should you keep your money in a snowbank?

Because then you will always have access to cold, hard cash!

Frosty the Snowman helped to save the holiday party…

Everyone started singing "freeze a jolly good fellow!"

What did the ice say to the road?

Let's stick together!

I just got hit by freezing rain...

It hurt like hail!

What happened to the snowman who got in a fight with a shark?

He was frostbitten!

How does Elsa get to work?

By icicle!

Where does a snowman find his best accessories?

On the w-internet!

What did Frosty the Snowman have to say about being famous?

There is no business, like snow business!

Jack Frost just started a job that he's not fully qualified for…

He just plans to flake it until he makes it!

Did you hear about the snowman who took down Mike Tyson in the boxing ring?

He knocked him out cold!

What did Dorothy say when a blizzard hit Oz?

There's snow place like home!

How do you find Will Smith in a snowstorm?

You look for his fresh prints!

Why can you never count on snow?

It is a bit of a flake.

Did you hear about 007's snowman partner?

He has a license to chill.

More Weather Jokes for Witty Weather People

Think those other jokes were a little anti-climatic? Don't fret! You will be on cloud nine with these clever weather witticisms.

More Weather Jokes for Witty Weather People

What is a meteorologist's favorite song?

Here Comes the Sun, dew, dew, dew, dew.

Don't ever get lost in mist.

You won't have the foggiest idea where to go.

Why are meteorologists never worried about backing up their phones?

They have plenty of cloud storage.

Why was the meteorologist stressed?

He had a high-pressure job.

Why did the thunderstorm see the shrink?

He was conditionally unstable.

Why do chasers make the worst boyfriends?

They catch storms, not feelings.

Why did Reed Timmer break up with Ginger Zee?

He was only in it for the thrill of the chase!

What did Flo Rida and Kesha say to the tornado when they got sucked up?

You spin my head right round, right round.

The forecast calls for a dry spring.

I drought we will see any rain.

What did the meteorologist say to the person giving him a hard time about his forecast?

I'd love to see your March Madness bracket.

Why does Snoop Dogg always keep an umbrella on hand?

Fo' drizzle.

Why do monks meditate in thunderstorms?

It is always an in-lightning experience!

A Texan stood in 110° heat for 60 seconds.

It was a hot minute.

Why does Loki despise his brother?

Thor always seems to steal his thunder!

How did the news station get the scoop on the upcoming flood?

The meteorologist leaked the news.

What do people say about living in Chicago?

The Windy City really blows!

What did the rope tornado say to the cone tornado during the multi-vortex tornado event?

I think there is a wedge between us.

What did the raindrop say as he veered off the road?

Oh grate!

Why is wind power the best social media influencer?

It has a lot of fans!

Weather Jokes Will Always Brighten Your Day

Are you over the rainbow excited about these weather jokes? We think they are cirrus-ly awesome! Want more weather-themed fun? Check out these interactive weather games or test your skills with weather trivia questions!

Today's Forecast: 70+ Weather Jokes That'll Bring the Sunshine