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Updated October 30, 2018
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When you need a rhyming verse to complement a charming shower card or you want the perfect words for a baby scrapbook, it's nice to have a few baby boy poems on hand. These poems are perfect for marking those important moments in the life of a baby boy.

Newborn Baby Boy Congratulations Poems

If you're attending a baby shower or need a verse to send your wishes to congratulate the new parents, these short baby poems will help. You can make a card and use the poem inside or add the poem to the bottom of a purchased card. Either way, the new parents are sure to appreciate your sentiment.

Welcome to the World of Baby Boys

By Kate Miller-Wilson

Soft blue sleepers, shirts, and bibs,
Cars and blocks and robot toys,
Sticky fingers, ticklish ribs,
Welcome to the world of baby boys!

First Breath

By Kate Miller-Wilson

In the instant, your eyes meet his,
the world goes quiet.
All you hear is his first breath,
the first breath you take as a parent.
The future blooms before you
with visions of science projects,
ball games,
graduations and weddings:
all the moments that make a life.
Embrace your new role, just as you embrace your baby boy.
You were born for this.

Baby Boy Scrapbook Poems

If you're making a baby boy scrapbook, you can add even more charm to your photos by including poems, quotes or other sayings. To use poems in scrapbooking, simply choose a verse that fits with the theme of your page.

Bath Time

By Kate Miller-Wilson

We'll wash your fingers, feet, and toes,
your little arms and sweet, small nose.
We'll watch you giggle, squeal, and splash.
This baby boy just loves his bath!

Messy Face

By Kate Miller-Wilson

You love your carrots, squash, and peas,
your applesauce and blended fruit.
We know we should clean you up,
But your messy face is just so cute.

Baby Boy Poems From Mom

Whether making a keepsake gift or digital photo book for your little boy, a poem from Mom's heart will be cherished forever. Use these poems to let your son know how much he means to you.

A Love Like Mom's

By Michele Meleen

From the moment you were formed,
my heart has been warmed.
My little baby boy,
Gives me everlasting joy.

No one can love you such as I,
because I gave you life.
A love like Mom's is one of a kind,
made only for one special little guy.

My Son, My Sun

By Michele Meleen

The Earth revolves around its sun,
gathering strength and warmth.
As do I eternally need my son,
to give me light from this day forth.

You are the brightly glowing light,
my son, my sun glowing in my sky,
illuminating my darkest nights,
my world consists of you and I.

Baby Boy Poems From Grandma

Baby boy with grandma

Grandmother and grandson relationships are special and deserve a unique set of words to describe them. Add a poem to any card for your grandson or have the words embroidered on a blanket or lovey toy.

Grandma's Hand to Hold

By Michele Meleen

When Mommy's away
and Daddy can't be near,
Baby boy, Grandma will always be here.

When you grow
and need someone to talk to,
Baby boy, Grandma will listen to you.

When things get tough
and you're feeling less than bold,
Baby boy, you have Grandma's hand to hold.

What You Get From Grandma

By Michele Meleen

Grandma and Grandpa,
Dad and Mom,
All a part of where you're from.

Some gave you looks,
others spared brains.
You are the picture
and we are the frame.

From all that you got,
and all that you are,
what I love most,
is your heart full of love.
That, dear grandson
you get from Grandma.

General Little Boy Poems

Sometimes a poem comes in handy to accompany a gift or simply to express a special sentiment. General baby boy poems offer you a chance to show your love in verse.

Baby Feet

By Kate Miller-Wilson

Today, your feet are as tiny as can be;
Someday, those feet will carry you away from me.
I must teach you if I can
to be a strong and loving man
to trust your heart in every choice
to stand up tall and use your voice,
to care for those with less than you
to try your best at all you do.
But I'll cherish this moment before it goes
And hold you close and kiss your toes.

First Birthday

By Kate Miller-Wilson

Twelve months have quickly passed since you were first put in our arms.
We've had a chance to learn your ways and fall captive to your charms.
Each day is full of laughter, of wonder, and of fun.
It's amazing to imagine that our little guy is one!

Funny Baby Poems

If you're not a sappy person, but want to impart some sentimental words a funny poem for the baby boy in your life can get your point across.

All Boy

By Michele Meleen

You weren't born full of muscle
or holding back tears.
You came out screaming
and full of fear.
You weren't born with a beard,
or smashing up toys,
but your fighting spirit
shows you're all boy.

Oh Boy!

By Michele Meleen

Oh boy,
we're in for a treat,
a little stinky boy
with tiny stinky feet.

Oh boy,
watch out world,
Daddy's hold on
to your precious baby girls.

He's gassy and handsome,
full of anger and joy,
He's everything they warned,
But he's ours, oh boy!

More Ideas for Baby Boy Poems

If you're still looking for some great poems, consider the following sites:

  • offers dozens of free poems for baby boys, all written by regular users. The verses vary in style and length, but you can take your time browsing to find the perfect poem for your situation.
  • also has several great baby boy poems. You'll have to sift through the gender-neutral and baby girl options on the same page, but there are many verses that are boy-specific.
  • FamilyFriend Poems has lots of free baby verses, some of which focus on baby boys. Unfortunately, the boy poems don't have a separate section. However, this site has a fantastic rating feature which lets you sort out the highest quality poems.

Adorable Inspiration for Poetry

Baby boys are adorable and awe-inspiring, so they are a natural subject for all kinds of poetry. Choose the verse that best fits your occasion and the specific qualities of the darling baby boy you are celebrating.

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Free Baby Boy Poems