Poems About Teenage Life

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Poems about teenage life can cover a wide range of topics, including love, family, school and friendship. These original poems capture being a teen.

Different Types of Poems About Teen Life

Whether you like writing or simply reading poetry, there are various ways teens can express themselves through the written word.

Love Poems for Teens

Poems about girlfriends and boyfriends are common as teens navigate the tricky world of relationships.

That Boy
When I first saw that boy's face
I knew I was in love
With everything
From his hands to his eyes
To that special smile
Only that boy has
If I could be his girl
Life would be as sweet
As a bushel of peaches
Strawberries in spring
Or my Grandma's iced tea

First Crush
I watch you pass by
But I don't want you to know
How much you've affected my heart and my soul
Would you crush my love
In your tender hands
Or would you accept it freely
Like the gift it is
I'm so afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve
Would you laugh
At me
Or would you wear yours, too

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Teenage Friendship Poems

Friends are an important part of any teen's life.

Best Buddies
So what do they know
About my BFF
My girl
The only one who understands my every mood
Who's always been there
No matter how I feel
Or what I do
You've been a shoulder
A rock
More than a friend
You're like the sister I never had
And even more than that

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Teen Poems About Family

Whether your relationship with your family is wonderful, or leaves you wanting more, there are poems about family life as well.

Little brother is once again ruining the day
While big, glammy sister is having her way
Mom and Dad couldn't care less
About the one in the middle
Who cares about the middle kid?
I'm not the baby
Or the pretty one
Not even smart enough to be the smart one
So I'm stuck in the middle
Like a sandwich meat
You want Grade A ham
Smoked turkey
That's me
Between two slices of precious bread

Teen School Life Poems

Since teens spend so much of their time in school, poems about school life can be approached from different angles.

How many more minutes before the bell rings
To grant my escape
From this educational asylum
That's nothing more than reading
The minutes tick by
Like molasses in winter
I wish my mind
Could make that clock go faster
Oh, 3:00
Where are you

Jocks and Angels
There they go again
The heroes, the saviors
Rah rah rah
We say
But who really saves the day
All they do is run and grunt
Throw balls in the air
Score and punt
With the pretty cheerleaders close to their side
They're sure to get a scholarship ride
If you can run
If you can toss
Those ponytails in the air
You're It
You're special
So the rest of us
Are no big loss
I can't run
I can't score
They pick me last for every class
My teeth don't shine
Bright enough to blind
I can't do a cartwheel
To save my life
Those jocks
Those angels
They have the life

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Poems About Teen Angst

Of course, some poems about teenage life will cover the awkwardness and angst that many teens feel.

Not the Pretty One
They look in the mirror
And see beauty staring back
But what stares back at me
Except a blank look
Eyes, un-special
Hair, not blonde
Body of a goddess?
Ha, not me
So not pretty

Lunch Period of One
I sit alone
At the end of the table
I used to try to smile as they went by
To look like a cool guy
But they take one look
At the glasses
The clothes
They keep walking
They sit down in their fancy little cliques
They're five or six
They laugh, they smile
They befriend
Ignoring the guy at the end
Who's having a lunch of one

Poems About Being a Teenager

Any teen can probably relate to the universal issues that affect this age, so reading and writing poems about teenage life may make you feel that you're not going through it alone.

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Poems About Teenage Life