How to Get Free Birth Charts & Astrology Reports

Updated March 24, 2022
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In the 21st century, the entire world is adapting to laptops and smartphones. Astrology is also adapting through free online birth charts, reports, and astrology apps. Astrology is more popular than ever, and these freebies are making life better for billions of people worldwide.

Get Free Astrology Birth Charts and Reports

There are many websites and apps that offer free birth charts and reports, but they do have limitations. However, on most, all you need to do is enter your name and the date, location, and time of birth, and within a matter of seconds, you'll have your free chart and report. A few of the best are listed below.

Astro-Seek is one of the best free astrology sites online. It not only offers free birth charts and astrology reports, but here you can also get transit, progressions, and compatibility charts with interpretations. Astro-Seek offers many types of free horoscopes. It also provides a short beginner's guide that helps to explain the basic functions of some of their search tools and how you can use them to calculate various astrological events. Perhaps best of all, there's a free astrology forum where you can discuss your birth chart or astrology in general with other Astro-Seekers.

Café Astrology

Cafe Astrology offers a free birth chart with the positions of the planets and houses as well as the aspects between the planets and points in your chart. Interpretations of these positions are provided. Once you've created your chart, you'll be able to develop more free reports, such as transit and compatibility reports. Simply follow the links at the side of your birth chart report for more free astrology.

Astrology Library

At Astrology Library, you'll get a free chat and a report of your planets in the signs, planets in the houses, and a list of your aspects. Astro Library also provides tips for beginners, such as "How to Read Your Own Birth Chart."

Astrology Season offers a free birth chart and report focusing on practical matters rather than psychological analysis.


Astrolabe offers a free birth chart and mini reading as a preview of what you'll read in their $25 full version.

Astrology Community

At Astrology Community, you can get a free birth chart and analysis based on Indian Vedic astrology. Here you'll get the placements of all planets in signs and houses and detailed interpretation related to your personality and behavior. The free analysis also includes your current Dasha and numerological details.

Best Free Astrology Apps

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All the astrology apps below are free, but most offer in-app purchases.

Astromatrix Horoscope App

The Astromatrix horoscope app uses your birth date, time, and location, then allows you to access detailed reports and features. It has an easy-to-use layout that's great for beginners and advanced astrology students. It's available at both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Time Passages App

The free Time Passages app has simple low-key graphics. Still, it offers a thorough and sophisticated analysis of an individual's birth chart and daily horoscopes. Other features, like comparing your chart to another person's or a progressed chart, are available for additional payment. Time Passages is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Co-Star Personalized Astrology

Co-Star is one of the few astrology apps that has received extensive media coverage. This app generates your birth chart based on the exact date, time, and place of birth, then gives you a personalized astrological analysis customized just for you. It also compares the overall compatibility of the planets in your birth chart with the transits of the day and gives you real-time updates. Additionally, users can compare their chart with the charts of friends. Co-Star can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The Pattern

The Pattern is probably better for people new to astrology, who are not looking for an in-depth overview of what each thing means. After downloading The Pattern, you enter the date, time, and birth location. The Pattern does not produce a birth chart wheel. It calculates your "Pattern" and provides a personalized astrological breakdown categorized into instincts, growth, relationship experiences, ideal partner traits, and destiny. The Pattern also allows you to go deeper and deeper, share with other users and add new friends. There's also a daily tab that explains what you can expect over the next few days. The Pattern is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Time Nomad

The free Time Nomad app gives you a choice between tropical and sidereal zodiacs. This app includes natal and synastry charts and houses a planetary hour's calculator and alarm, allowing users to optimize their schedules around the alignment of planets of the solar system. Time Nomad is available at the Apple App Store.

Charts Astrology

The Charts Astrology app allows you to create your own birth chart and analyze your current transits. Its report simply combines the keyword of the planets, zodiac signs, and houses to form key phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. It's up to you to put them all together and arrive at your own interpretation. Charts Astrology's app allows you to add as many birth charts as you want. This app can make learning astrology fun by allowing you to become your own astrologer. Charts Astrology is available at the Apple app store.

Take Care

Astrology websites and apps let you peer into the stars to see why you are the way you are and what's to come. However, check out their privacy policy and make sure they are committed to protecting the personal information you share with them. This includes your usernames, birth data, gender, location, and email addresses.

Consulting a Professional Astrologer

Keep in mind while reading these free reports that they're computer-generated. While they can give you accurate information, the information is generic and only a taste of what astrology can do. There is no substitute for a private consultation with a professional astrologer, who will synthesize your birth chart into a meaningful and integrated interpretation that relates to you and your life alone.

How to Get Free Birth Charts & Astrology Reports