Libra Dark Side in Astrology

Libra’s Dark Underbelly

The Libra dark side astrology means that all those natural characteristics associated with Libra, like those of beauty, diplomacy and a great sense of fashion, show their darker underbelly. These qualities sometimes turn to vanity, vacillation and a certain snootiness. To be sure, each astrological sign has a downside to their personality, but today, it's all about the Venusian native!

Here are some of Libra's other darker qualities to keep in mind:

  • Unfaithful
  • Prone to excess
  • A bit of a gossip

Dark Side of a Libra

So, what is Libra's dark side? Vanity has been many a Libra's downfall. In fact, it's rare for a Libra to pass a mirror, and not look into it.

To others, the tendency smacks of narcissism, but Libras think they're just making sure they look presentable.

Male Libran Vanity

Don't be fooled by the Libran males' charm either! He's every bit as vain as his female counterpart. All aspects of grooming enhance this handsome chap, and it's not beyond him to steal your creams and bubble bath, so beware!

Burning Through Money

Part of the Libra dark side astrology is the fact that these Venusian babies, without some direction, will burn through money like it grows on trees.

What are they buying? All those fashion-forward clothing and accessories, of course!

Incredibly Self Indulgent

Whether it's spending money like there's no tomorrow or forgoing a diet (and yes, Librans are always on a diet) and having that second glass of wine, Librans are known for their tendency to overindulge.

And it's not just wine and money; many a Libra has been spotted staring longingly at cupcakes and decadent pasties through bakery windows!

Shopping Diva

Libra's overindulgence lends itself to browsing (and buying) at the shops. This is where we see another of Libra's darker qualities - indecision.

At its best, it means Libra is incredibly diplomatic, but at its worst? Well, let's just say friends, spouses and siblings will put in a lot of foot traffic at the malls!

Party Girl

It's the rare Libra indeed who says no to a party.

New Year's Even bashes, birthday parties or even finding that perfect parking spot is enough to send Libra into celebration mode.

Party Guy

By the way, male Libra likes to party just as much as lady Libra, but take note of all those kisses; this gent loves to flirt and have a good time.

Perhaps that's why he's always searching for that perfect outfit.


All that partying does lead to a tendency to cheat. Librans don't mean to cheat, it's just that they're so darned cute and attractive that everyone just seems to like them (remember that vanity?).

Luckily, this usually stops once they're in a committed relationship, but with Libra, you just never know!

Gossip Girl!

After all that partying, it's no surprise that this zodiac sign has a lot to talk about!

Sharing tidbits of information is a virtual pastime and hobby for Libra, so if you like to play your cards close to your vest, consider another astrological sign for the role of "best friend".

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Libra Dark Side in Astrology