Best Scorpio Careers for Success and Fulfillment

Published May 21, 2020
Scientist in a laboratory

Scorpios are powerful, perceptive, investigative, and brave individuals who are curious about the mysteries of life and death. Scorpios are society's transformers and are the most successful and fulfilled in work that serves others. Many of the careers Scorpio will be the most passionate about are not for the faint of heart.

10 Career Paths for Scorpio's Success

Scorpio is the Fixed Water sign of the zodiac. Scorpios can slowly feel their way through deep dark emotional waters. Scorpios are inquisitive, investigative, and have no fear of the darker side of life, and their career paths often led them to jobs that involve sickness, crime, or death. Or any profession that requires a profound understanding of the mechanisms operating beneath the surface.

1. Forensic Pathologist

A forensic pathologist's work can be quite gruesome. However, a Scorpio can excel in this career due to their ability to deal with the darkest aspects of life, their analytical and investigative skills, their determination to solve the mystery, and their ability to give voice to the victims of violent crimes.

male scientist working

2. Forensic Accountant

Far from simple bean counters, forensic accountants are sleuths who combine accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to ferret out financial frauds and then participate in trials as expert witnesses. Scorpios have all the innate skills needed to be a forensic accountant. They are curious, investigative, detail-oriented, persistent, analytical, highly intuitive, and creative in connecting dots.

Forensic Accountant

3. Psychologist

All the skills psychologists need are innate to a Scorpio. They are interested in how people think and behave, are sensitive listeners and questioners. They can intuit what's not said and also have superior abilities to empathize with a person dealing with their darkest emotions.

Woman psychologist

4. Private Detective

A Scorpio has razor-sharp instinct, and their uncanny understanding of the human psyche and strong intuition makes Scorpios excellent private detectives. They are extraordinary sleuths who are perceptive and persistent, pay attention to details, love solving puzzles, and can sneak around in the shadows gathering information.

Woman private detective

5. Medical Doctor

Their passion for helping people and their ability to handle crisis situations calmly make Scorpios wonderful doctors. Regardless of their specialty, Scorpios are natural healers, and their determination to get the best outcome as well as their tenacity in finding the best possible treatment available make a Scorpio doctor invaluable to their patients.

Smiling male doctor

6. Second-Hand Shop Owner

Death and rebirth are inherent in Scorpio. Fixing what's broken and recycling is part of their nature. A Scorpio could be very successful as the owner of a shop that brings new life to what everyone else assumes is lifeless. This could include anything from clothing to furniture to appliances and even old automobiles.

woman owner of an antique store

7. Financial Planning and Consulting

A Scorpio can ace a career in financial planning. Their strategic thinking and business acumen make them great at formulating plans for starting a business or reorganizing and bringing new life to an old business, by raising venture capital and budgeting.

couple meeting with financial consultant

8. Massage Therapist

Scorpios have the strength, endurance, and discernment a massage therapist needs; they are natural-born healers who understand the mind and body connection. That, coupled with their psychic sensitivity, makes them excel as Massage therapy.

Registered Massage Therapy

9. Hypnotherapist

Even when they're not trying, Scorpios can be mesmerizing. Scorpios have powerfully hypnotic eyes that maintain eye contact. They understand human emotions, gain trust and rapport, and break down resistance with their steady, calm, quiet demeanor. All of these natural traits make for a powerful hypnotherapist.

male hypnotist

10. Hospice Nurse

A Scorpio has everything it takes to be a hospice nurse. They can deal with death and dying and are compassionate, sympathetic, patient, and calm under pressure. They're also good listeners who can deal with the pain, tragedy, fear, and uncertainty of the patient's loved ones and help them all come to terms with the inevitable.

Nurse With Senior Patient

Passion Drives Scorpio's Career

Scorpios are intelligent, hardworking, strong-willed, resourceful, and driven by passion. They don't do well in a profession that's shallow or mundane. A Scorpio needs a job that is intense, complex, and requires them to stretch themselves. Careers that are not transformative to someone or something are not meant for Scorpios.

Best Scorpio Careers for Success and Fulfillment