Cancer Boss With Aries Employee

Published February 9, 2018
Boss and employee talking

A Cancer and an Aries are both leaders in their own right, but they do have different strengths and values. Once they understand, accept, and respect each other for the unique role each plays in the business, company, or organization, they have the potential to form an active, initiating, creative, and dynamic duo that can drive any endeavor successfully forward.

Cancer Boss

Cancer is the cardinal water sign of the zodiac. Cancer's greatest strength as a boss is their sensitivity to the needs and emotions of those who work for them. A Cancer boss is considerate and solicitous of their employees' needs and has an intrinsic sense of responsibility, as well as financial acumen. They often "go with their gut" and use intuition and instinct to make decisions or judgments. They are seldom wrong.

A Cancer is a "show me what you can do" boss who seeks job security, both for themselves and for their employees. This means they will use their gut feelings and instincts to place an employee in a position where they will be the most productive.

Aries Employee

Aries is the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac. An Aries employees greatest strength is their enthusiasm and the ability to initiate something new and work independently. They are self-starters who need little, if any, direction, have a wealth of original and profitable ideas, and a dynamic "go get-'em" salesman like personality. When given their head, an Aries can be an employer's most productive employee.

A Cancer boss is likely to know instinctively all of this after reading an Aries' resume and interviewing them. They will feel this dynamic individual could be an effective and inspiring team leader who motivates and galvanizes their team to perform. They will also realize they'd excel at marketing and promotion, as well as in problem-solving and putting out fires.

A Cancer boss is sure to place an Aries new hire in a front line position where their talents will be the most beneficial to the organization, and an Aries applicant is not likely to accept anything less.

Making It Work

In astrology, the signs Aries and Cancer are said to be square one another. Squares create a dynamic tension that compels action. When individuals have suns signs that in a square aspect, they can square off against each other or on the other hand, they can be driven to do something constructive and work together toward a common goal.

Complementary Compatibilities

A Cancer and an Aries approach everything they do with unmatched enthusiasm and eagerness to get things moving. A Cancer boss is an old-school boss, while the Aries employee lives in the now and looks to the future, these complementary personality traits are often just what's needed to create security and drive forward movement.

  • business group jumping together
    A Cancer boss can get stuck in a rut and do things the way they've always been done; an Aries employee's innovative ideas and techniques of approaching any job they are given can give a Cancer boss a fresh perspective.
  • A Cancer is eager to start new projects; an Aries is always on the lookout for something new and exciting. An Aries employee can be counted on to be the first to step forward and volunteer when something new begins.
  • An Aries employee cannot be micromanaged and has problems taking orders from anyone; a Cancer supervisor asks and expects the job to be done but is not overbearing or authoritarian.
  • Aries is a go-getter and risk taker; a Cancer is cautious and a caretaker. A Cancer boss might pass up taking the time to look for a new client in favor of taking care of an old reliable client. However, if given their head an Aries employee will go after the new clients, sign them up, and then deliver them then up to their Cancer boss, who has a talent for taking care of clients, making them feel at home, and expertly handling all the financial details.

Communication Problems

The most significant problem a Cancer boss will have with an Aries employee is their direct style of communicating. An Aries can irritate a Cancer boss with their brash freewheeling style of talking.

However, it's likely even before an Aries employee was hired the boss realized that the same freewheeling "can do" - "do it now " brashness they displayed in their interview could create a contagious enthusiasm that would motivate the entire staff.

A Cancer boss knows when employees are emotionally up and excited they are productive, the organization will be profitable, and everyone's job will be more secure. That's what's most important to a Cancer employer and what will lead them to set their personal sensitivity aside and accommodate the Aries direct, confident, and self-assured way of communicating.

Best Scenario

The best scenario for a Cancer boss who has an Aries employee is for them to take the lead in setting a new plan or goal, then turn the lead over to the Aries employee with the challenge to make it happen, and then let them run with the ball. An Aries can sometimes promise more than they can deliver, and a Cancer boss knows they will occasionally drop the ball, but they also know there'll be more a lot more wins when the ball is in an Aries employee's hands.

Cancer Boss With Aries Employee