How to Attract a Scorpio Man in Simple and Genuine Ways

Published March 12, 2020
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You can learn how to attract a Scorpio man in a few simple yet genuine ways. A Scorpio man searches for someone authentic and is turned off if he suspects you aren't being honest with him.

Attract a Scorpio Man by Accepting Him

A Scorpio man seeks a mate who will accept him for who he is, warts and all. He is complex with a deeply rooted and connected spiritual and emotional natures. You should be genuine in accepting his ways.

Flirting and Sexy Playfulness

A Scorpio man is very flirtatious and enjoys the sexual tension it creates. He appreciates flirting as part of the art of dating and getting to know you. Be sure you're good at flirting since he truly enjoys this kind of romantic dance.

Mysterious and Intriguing

A Scorpio man is intrigued anything mysterious. This is especially true when he's attracted to someone new who he finds exciting. He's interested in the mysteries of the world and will spend hours discussing different theories with you for hours.

Passionate and Attentive Lover

The passion of a Scorpio man runs deep. He is a very attentive lover and quite accomplished. He often has a playboy reputation. However, once he finds his soulmate, he quickly takes himself off the dating circuit.

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Scorpio Enjoys a Lover's Attention

Just as a Scorpio man is attentive to your needs, he thoroughly enjoys it when his lover reciprocates that attention. To a Scorpio, this kind of intimate giving demonstrates you love him and are concerned that he is satisfied, and his needs are being met the same way as yours.

Dedicated and Loyal

The Scorpio man adores his beloved. This attention is flattering at first, but you'll quickly discover his expectations of your perfection are unreasonable. Eventually, you reveal just how human you are. As long as you're honest and don't betray him, he'll overlook your humanness.

Jealous Lover

Your Scorpio man is a jealous lover. It's a very dangerous game to play, so you should refrain from giving him any reason to be jealous. This is especially helpful since he will most likely become jealous over the slightest look or comment made by someone he considers competition or a threat to his relationship with you.

Reassure Scorpio You're Loyal

Scorpio fears being betrayed. It's important you take steps to let your Scorpio man know you can be trusted. This may ensure that any bouts of jealousy are quickly resolved. It's difficult to predict where Scorpio is concerned.

Honesty and Integrity Highly Prized

The Scorpio man holds honesty and integrity in high regard. To him, these two things define an individual's true value.

Always Be Honest

If you wish to keep him as your mate and partner, never ever lie to him. His sting is powerful and once you've lied to him, he'll never give you a second chance to fool him.

Compromised Integrity

A Scorpio man relies on you and expects you to be dependable, especially when it comes to upholding your moral principles. He places you on a pedestal as a touchstone of the utmost integrity, so never disappoint him by compromising your morals and personal code of honor for any reason. He simply won't understand or forgive you.

Ambition Is Important

A Scorpio man has plans and has zero patience for those who don't. He's highly ambitious, and the perfect mate needs to be equally ambitious. Together they can become a power couple, something he will adore and find exciting.

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Express Your Opinion

You should never be afraid to express your opinion to Scorpio. This man has very solid convictions and ideologies, but he's very accepting and tolerate of those different from his. He wants to hear what you think and when he asks your opinion, don't hesitate or refrain. Tell him the truth.

Your Simple and Genuine Ways Draw Scorpio's Attention

You can attract a Scorpio man by using a few simple ways as long as you're genuine in your approach. This water sign will appreciate the time and attention you take to understand him.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man in Simple and Genuine Ways