How to Make a Libra Fall in Love With You, Genuinely

Updated March 25, 2022
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Want to know how to make a Libra fall in love with you? Librans are relationship-oriented individuals who relish being in love. They yearn to have a romantic partner by their side and respond readily to someone who can truly fulfill their needs. If you're an intelligent, creative, sensitive, strong, gracious, and people-friendly person, you just might find yourself in a match made in heaven.

How to Make a Libra Fall in Love

Libra is the cardinal air sign of the zodiac ruled by Venus. As ruler of Libra, Venus is not simply the goddess of love and beauty; she's also about fairness, justice, equality, and the urge to create harmony in personal relationships. If you want a libra to fall in love with you, there are certain things you should understand about Libra from the start.

  • They are charming, friendly, social individuals who enjoy cordial and meaningful interactions with others.
  • They have impeccable manners and an eye for beauty and symmetry.
  • They're relationship-oriented and interact with others in an up-close and personal manner.

Have Patience

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The truth is if you want to make a libra fall in love with you, don't try to push things too fast. If you're the jealous, possessive, or impatient type, you've probably lost from the beginning. Librans fall in love easily and often and usually remain friendly with their past loves. Have patience and be their friend, but let them know you're interested in more. Libra fears rejection and can be indecisive but likes to make the first move. So, plan on practicing a lot of patience, and when a Libra falls in love with you, they'll love you all the more.

Pay Attention to Your Image

Librans appreciate good looks, good grooming, and a sense of fashion. If you want to capture Libra's attention, take care of yourself, dress well, be nice, act with integrity, and never underestimate the power that inner beauty has over Libra. Libra will leave a beautiful person if they're selfish and inconsiderate.

Be Yourself

Libra can be idealistic when it comes to romance. They'll tend to project their wishes and desires onto you, which usually ends with them feeling let down. This makes it essential to be true to yourself from the beginning. Let them see who you are, not who they want you to be.

Give Libra Breathing Room

A Libra can be affectionate one moment but aloof the next. Although they're quite romantic, a Libra also needs room to breathe, especially when out in public. They often feel awkward if a partner hangs on them. Why? Because they're highly social and public affection can interfere with their ability to be attentive to and interact with friends and other people.

Listen and Be Supportive

A Libra needs to feel secure and accepted before they open up to the possibility of a romance. Libras really don't appreciate ugly scenes, so avoid unpleasant and unnecessary conflicts. Above all, listen, be supportive and never raise a fuss or embarrass a Libra in a public place and watch love bloom.

Don't Forsake Your Friends

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Often, when individuals get involved in a love relationship, they don't make time for their friends. Don't do this with Libra. Sure, there will be intimate romantic times alone together. Still, Libra will be impressed if you include your friends and his in your life together. Never forget that Libra is a people-friendly person who excels in making others feel comfortable. Having a partner at their side and making friends is at the heart of Libra's existence.

Show Your Intelligence and Creativity

Libra has an open mind, artistic leanings, and is a good listener. So, if you want to warm a Libra's heart, open up and show them how smart and talented you are. If you really don't have any interest in intellectual debates or the arts, it may be better to look for a different partner because a Libra will never be truly content without someone who doesn't enjoy a friendly debate or has no interest in the arts.

Be Generous With Compliments

Feeling beautiful or handsome is very important to a Libra, and they love to know they're appreciated. Freely and verbally compliment all the things you find attractive about them. This includes their physical looks, fashion choices, taste in music, and how they handle their interactions with others. Basically, everything you find wonderful and appealing about them.

Be Generous With Gifts

Unexpected gifts warm Libra's heart. Your gifts needn't be expensive, but make sure they're personal and genuinely thoughtful. Even a beautiful and artsy greeting card or surprise tickets to their favorite play can do wonders when it comes to love.

Libra and Venus

Is it really possible to "make" a Libra or anyone else fall in love with you? Maybe yes, maybe no. But, it won't hurt to hedge your bet. However, if you're interested in a specific Libra and genuinely want to know what they're looking for in a romantic partner - check out Venus, the ruler of Libra, in their birth chart. Why? As an example, a Libra with Venus in Scorpio is attracted to someone very different than a Libra with Venus in Sagittarius.

How to Make a Libra Fall in Love With You, Genuinely