Your Baby's Personality According to Their Moon Sign

Published June 27, 2022
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The astrological moon is the most important placement in an infant's birth chart. It describes the environment and the emotional response needed from mom (or any primary caregiver) for an infant to feel comfortable, safe, secure, and loved. With the moon as a guide, parents can provide their infant with an emotionally rich and appropriate environment that sets the stage for their newborn to become a more self-assured child.

The Moon and Mom

In an astrological birth chart, the moon often symbolizes the mother. Still, beyond that, it represents an individual's most basic survival needs. It's your instinctive emotional response to situations. It represents those moods, feelings, and gut reactions to what your five physical senses perceive.

An Infant's Moon

In the natal chart of an infant, the moon describes the environment and emotional response an infant instinctively knows will provide security and protection. Having no other way to express themselves, infants resonate with the sign of their moon as a source of comfort and security. In a mother's ability to respond to her infant's emotional nature, mom says, "I see, love, and will protect you.

Get Your Baby's Birth Chart

An infant's natal chart is available from the moment of birth. You can get a free birth chart at Simply enter your infant's complete birth data.

The Infant Moon Through the Signs

The sign of an infant's astrological moon can help a mother connect to her baby by tailoring an environment and early experiences that fit the infant's emotional nature, telling the infant all is right in their world.

Moon in Aries

Infants with an Aries moon aren't the most cuddly babies. They need an active environment with frequent changes in routine. These independent babies don't mind being alone but are restless, impatient, and prone to quick outbursts. Their emotional reactions are immediate, and mom seldom has to guess how they feel about an experience. When upset, they expect immediate attention. Movement and distraction are the best ways to calm them.

Moon in Taurus

Infants with the moon in Taurus are sweet, placid, and serene infants. These babies need physical comfort, a predictable routine, and a peaceful, consistent environment that involves pleasing physical sensations, such as a gentle touch and soft background music. Change and discord will stress them. Although they are slow to react, they have a temper, and when it flares, only patience and time may calm them down.

Moon in Gemini

baby boy in crib playing with mobile

Infants with a Gemini moon are lively and flexible. They change moods quickly, need mental stimulation (talk to them even if they can't understand), and hang multi-colored mobiles over their crib. Variety and distractions will calm them and help them cope with unpleasant situations. These babies need to be able to move their little arms and legs around and shouldn't be swaddled too tightly.

Moon in Cancer

A baby with a Cancer moon is the archetypal infant. They're highly sensitive, and their emotions are easily stimulated. These babies feel at home when strapped close to their mom. Their primary need is for a nurturing and protective family-type environment that's cozy and quiet. Easily upset, often only their mother's attention can calm them. This infant needs a calm, nurturing environment more than any other moon position.

Moon in Leo

siblings cuddling newborn brother

An infant with the moon in Leo is most comfortable in a consistently warm, affectionate, and playful environment. These babies love to be hugged, kissed, and played with. Their emotional reactions are grand, even exaggerated. Still, their naturally sunny disposition could make it difficult to determine their feelings about a situation. However, it often only takes mom, dad, or siblings to play with them and give them their undivided attention to calm them down when they get upset.

Moon in Virgo

Infants with a Virgo moon need an orderly routine and environment. If mom keeps them clean, warm, dry, and well-fed, they're peaceful and undemanding babies. They're often shy, quiet, and undemonstrative. So, when they become anxious or fussy, mom should understand they need something and try to meet the need.

Moon in Libra

Babies with a Libra moon enjoy being around other people and need the continual presence of a loving, caring person. They smile easily and are the happiest in social environments that are peaceful, calm, and harmonious. They can't endure loud voices or arguments and can be frozen by aggressive behavior. Being talked to in a soft, reassuring voice is often all that's needed to calm them when they're upset.

Moon in Scorpio

Infants with a Scorpio moon are deeply sensitive to environmental stimuli, especially loud noises. They have a powerful attachment to mom and a strong need for her closeness, cuddling, and tenderness. But they'll need time to learn to trust others. These babies can appear unfazed when something upsets them. This means the mom must watch for subtle changes and pay attention if her baby becomes overly quiet to ensure she gives them the necessary attention.

Moon in Sagittarius

baby girl in carrier hiking with father

A Sagittarius moon infant is adaptable, cheerful, and happiest in environments that are active, playful, and filled with laughter. Independent and adventurous, they have little difficulty leaving mom and love to be taken to new places. Naturally excessive, their emotional reactions are honest and swift. They smile, coo, and gurgle when happy and cry loudly when they're upset. The best way to calm them down is to pick them up and take them for a walk in a baby carrier or take them for a ride in a stroller or a car.

Moon in Capricorn

Infants with a Capricorn moon appear serious, are not inclined to cuddle, and are seldom drawn to tears. They need a ritualized environment that's predictable. These seemingly self-sufficient babies resist calling attention to themselves and become stoic when upset. However, regardless of how undemanding they appear, they need all the love and attention mom and dad can offer.

Moon in Aquarius

Babies with the moon in Aquarius find change exciting and need an unrestrictive environment. They are emotionally steady and appear detached from usual infant demands. Yet, they're prone to unprovoked outbursts of wailing just to see what mom's reaction might be. They enjoy being around other people, and they need to be held and talked to when upset.

Moon in Pisces

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Infants with a Pisces moon are the sweetest babies in the world. They need a peaceful, tranquil environment where they are treated gently and protected from harshness and negativity. They are trusting, shy, and never demand, but need their mom's devoted attention. Soothing music will lull them to sleep or calm them down when upset.

Nurture an Infant's Emotional Nature

Astrology has always placed an important emphasis on a person's moon, thus on emotions. Scientific research and developmental experts also place great importance on an infant's emotions, believing emotions shape the entire structure of the personality.

Your Baby's Personality According to Their Moon Sign