75+ Girl Names That Start With W: Classic & Modern

Published December 1, 2020
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Girl names that start with W often have a classic or modern spelling. The meanings for girl names the start with W can give you a better understanding before choosing one for your baby girl.

What Are Cool Girl Names That Start With W?

You can find several cool girl names that start with W that you may have missed in other searches. A list of some of the coolest girl names that start with W can help you decide on the coolest name for your little princess.

  1. Waki: Guard, watchman (English)
  2. Walker: A fuller of cloth (German)
  3. Wallis: Foreigner, stranger (English)
  4. Waylen, Waylin, Waylon, Waylyn, Waylynn: Land by road (English)
  5. Wednesday: Woden's day (English) (Woden: king of gods)
  6. Wellesley: Farm among the willow trees (English)
  7. Wells: From the well or spring (English)
  8. Wendy: Friend, blessed ring (English)
  9. Whisper: Soft voice (English)
  10. Wren, Wrenn, Wrynn: Small bird (English)
  11. Wisama: Beauty, attractiveness (Arabic)
  12. Witten: Tun by wood (English) (Tun: beer cask)
  13. Wrigley: Clearing by river bend (English)
  14. Wulan: The moon (Indonesian)
  15. Wylee, Wyleigh, Wylie: Tricky River (English)
  16. Wylla: Faithful, unbroken (German)
Classic & Modern Girl Names That Start With W

Girl Names That Start With Win

If you're looking for girl names that start with Win, you're in for a treat. There are some unique girl names that start with Win that might fit your baby girl.

  1. Windy: Of the wind, windy (English)
  2. Winifred: Peaceful friend (English)
  3. Winner: Victor, victory, victorious (English)
  4. Winni, Wynnie: From the winding gate (English)
  5. Winnie: Fair one (English)
  6. Winnifred, Winifred: Peaceful friend (German Teuton tribe), (Welsh)
  7. Winona: Peaceful friend (German)
  8. Winry: Peace friend, diminutive of Winifred (Welsh)
  9. Winslet: Wynn's stream (English)
  10. Winsley: Friend from the hill (English)
  11. Winslow: Hill, barrow, mound (English)
  12. Winta: Desire (African)
  13. Winter, Wynter: Friend's hill or place (English)
  14. Winterrose: Winter season rose (English)

Unique Girl Names That Start With W

Most parents want a unique name for their little girl. If you have your heart set on girl names that start with W, you may be surprised to find so many possibilities.

  1. Waheeda, Wahida: Exclusive, beautiful (Arabic)
  2. Wallis: Newly born (Egyptian)
  3. Wanda: Eagle (Native American)
  4. Wande: White eagle (Native American)
  5. Warner: Guard, army (German)
  6. Waverlee, Waverly: Meadow of quivering aspens (English)
  7. Waynoka: Graceful (Native American)
  8. Wendelin: Great glory (Slavic)
  9. Wenonah: Firstborn daughter (Native American)
  10. Wesley, Weslee, Weslie, Wesleigh: Western lea, field in west (English)
  11. Whitley, Whitlee, Whitleigh: From the white valley (English)
  12. Wrenlee, Wrenleigh, Wrenley, Wrenly: Little bird, wren (English)
  13. Wrenna: Wren (English)
  14. Wynn: Fair, pure (Welsh)
  15. Wynona, Wynonna: Firstborn daughter (Native American)
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English Girl Names That Start With W

If English is the language of your choice for girl names that start with W, there a quite a few that meet the criteria. Some of the meanings of these names are rather poetic, lending a depth to girl names that start with W.

  1. Wakely: Damp meadow (English)
  2. Westlyn, Westlynn: From the western cottage (English)
  3. Weston: West settlement or enclosure (English)
  4. Whitney: From the white meadow (English)
  5. Wicahpi: Star, thunder (Native American)
  6. Wiebke: Warrior (German)
  7. Wihakayda: Little one (Native American)
  8. Wikolia: Woman of victor (Hawaiian)
  9. Wyn: From the farm by the spring (English)
  10. Wynifred: From the windy village (English)
  11. Wynne: Friend's field (English)
  12. Wangari: Wanderer (German)
  13. Wania: Gift of God (Hebrew)
  14. Wanita: God is gracious (Spanish)
  15. Warda: Guardian (German)
  16. Weronika: True picture, variant Veronica (Polish)
  17. Weslyn, Weslynn: Defending warrior (German Teuton tribe)
  18. Wynfreda: From the narrow passage (Scottish)
  19. Wynnifred: Blessed, peacemaker (Welsh)
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Girl Names That Start With Will or Wil

You may be searching for girl names that start with Will or Wil. You won't be disappointed, since there are several great names for you to consider.

  1. Wilder, Wylder: Untamed, wild (English)
  2. Wiley: Willow woods (English)
  3. Wilhelma: From the willow ford, desires peace (English), (German)
  4. Wilhelmina: Desires peace (English)
  5. Willa: Resolute, protector (German)
  6. Willa-Jo: Protector, God is gracious (German), (Latin)
  7. Willamina: Determined protector (German)
  8. Willie: Will, desire, bold, resolute protection (German)
  9. Williemae: Resolute protector and goddess Maia (German), (Greek)
  10. Willow, Willo: From willow grove (English)
  11. Wilma: Resolute or famous (German)
  12. Wilone: Resolute or famous (German)
  13. Wilwe: Middle English spelling for willow (English)

Fun Searches for Girl Names That Start With W

It's fun to search and browse girl names that start with W. You can get a good idea of the names available for you to select one that is perfect for your baby girl.

75+ Girl Names That Start With W: Classic & Modern