55 Chicken Jokes That'll Give You Something to Bawk About

Get eggs-cited for these creative chicken jokes and puns that guaranteed to crack a smile!

Published March 22, 2023
The chicken wanted to model for the camera.

Why did the chicken cross the road? This is quite possibly the most common chicken joke in the book. For those looking for some more clever and original quips about chicks, try out this hen-semble of chicken jokes and puns!

Chicken Jokes That'll Have You Squawking With Laughter

Guess what? Chicken butt! Okay, okay, don't fly the coop just yet! We have a few more jests that are a little less corny. Check out these eggs-ceptional chicken jokes that will have you cackling away!

Chicken Jokes That Will Have Your Squawking with Laughter

Why are chickens always doing pushups at the gym?

Because they like to workout their pecks!

Who is a chicken's favorite composer?


Why do chickens make the best dance partners?

Because they love shaking their tail feathers!

A Tyson farmer has gone missing...

The police suspect fowl play.

How does a rooster make sure he is on time to crow every morning?

He uses an alarm cluck!

What do you call a hen who haunts a chicken farm?

A poultry-geist!

Why do chickens make great banjo players?

Because they are great pluckers!

What does a chicken consider a romantic date?

A peck-nic in the park!

Why do chickens always seem to ride the bench during a baseball game?

They are notorious for fowling out!

Why do hens always live in the moment?

Because they don't like to count their chickens before they hatch!

What do you call a conceited chicken?

A cock of the walk!

What is a chicken's favorite fantasy film?

Lord of the Wings!

Why do chickens make the worst dates?

Because they are cheep!

Why do chickens love Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong?

Because they love a good comedi-hen!

Why did the hen miss work?

She was feeling a little under the feather!

How does a chicken always end a date?

With a peck on the cheek!

What is a baby chick's favorite game?


What kind of crime is cockfighting?

It's a feather-al offense.

Why did the chick get detention?

He used fowl language.

Who was the first hen to fly across the Atlantic?

Amelia Egg-hart!

What did the chicken say on the fourth down in the last few seconds of the football game?

Let's lay it all on the line!

Why did the chicken go to Chick-fil-A?

To get to the other side.

What does a chicken call a rotten egg that explodes?

A bombshell.

Why did the chicken run out of the coop?

It smelled like a rotten egg!

What does a hen say to her boyfriend when going in for a kiss!

Cluck-er up!

How did the chicken handle the interrogation?

He cracked under pressure.

What is a chicken's favorite book?

Great Eggs-pectations!

Who is the smartest chicken around?

Albert Egg-stein.

What chicken is famous for singing Waka Waka?


When is a chicken running late?

When the cluck strikes half past hen!

What does a chicken use to dry its tears?

A hen-kerchief.

How does a hen capture big moments?

By taking a peck-ture!

Who was the most ruthless chicken leader of all time?

Attila the Hen!

What is a chicken's favorite musical?


Where do hens stay when they go on vacation?

At a chick inn.

Serving Up Some Eggs-cellent Chicken Jokes About Food

You'll be flipping with laughter when you hear these hilarious yolks about chickens!

Serving Up Some Eggs-cellent Chicken Jokes About Food

What is a chicken's favorite birthday dessert?


Why are chickens always successful chefs?

The only run scratch kitchens!

Why is Thanksgiving a chicken's favorite holiday?

They serve peck-an pie!

What is a chicken's favorite cookie?

Chocolate Chirp Cookies.

What happened when the hen saw her boyfriend go into KFC?

She kicked the bucket!

One-Line Chicken Puns That Will Crack You Up

For the real comedi-hens in the group, here are some Insta-worthy captions to add to your social posts!

One-Line Chicken Puns That Will Crack You Up
  • Feeling a bit peckish!
  • Chicking out for the night.
  • Having an eggs-istential crisis.
  • Working around the cluck!
  • Up to our old chicks!
  • Talk is cheep.
  • No harm, no fowl.
  • I am no spring chicken.
  • Flying the coop!
  • Just yolkin' around!
  • Birds of a feather flock together!
  • Working on our nest egg!
  • Looking im-peck-able tonight!
  • Don't hen-der my progress.
  • #wingingit

Chicken Jokes Are a Great Ice Breaker

Compared to the chicken dance, chicken jokes are a much better way to get to the other side of a conversation. Get out of your shell and make everyone eggs-plode with laughter with these fun yolks. Looking for more options? Chick out these Easter jokes and riddles!

55 Chicken Jokes That'll Give You Something to Bawk About