50 Duck Jokes for Wisequackers & Their Peeps

Duck for cover! These jokes will bring a rainstorm of laughter.

Published March 29, 2023
Inquisitive Duck

Are you paddling in circles trying to find eggs-ceptional duck jokes for every occasion? Get ready to splash around with eggs-citement. We've come up with a fantastic flock of duck jokes and puns that you'll simply go quackers over.

Duck Jokes That Will Have You Quacking Up

Mallard Duck Magician in Motion

Don't just wing it - we have all our ducks in a row! Get ready to laugh your tail feathers off when reading these jolly jokes about ducks (and even their rubber ducky friends)!

Why do ducks love visiting Mount Rushmore so much?

Because it is located in South Duck-ota!

Why are ducks trustworthy accountants?

They will always pay your bills on time!

What do you call a plastic yellow-feathered thief?

A robber ducky.

What did the duck doctor say to the sick duckling?

When you feel under the feather, eat some soup and quackers.

Where do ducks find out the forecast?

On The Feather Channel!

Why do ducks always get kicked out of water polo matches?

Because they make major water fowls!

Why do ducks make the best detectives?

Because they always seem to quack the case!

Where do duck monks live?

In the mo-nest-ery.

What is a duck's go-to Halloween costume?

Count Quack-ula!

Why did the duck leave the pond?

Because it was filled with coots and loons!

Who is MI6's best duck agent?

James Pond!

Why was the duck destined for a life of crime?

Because he came from a rotten egg!

What do you call a reptile who eats a duck?

A quack-odile!

Why did the mallard's supervisor give him a good review?

Because he was always a pro-duck-tive employee!

What did Darth Vader duck say to his fallen plumage?

I am your feather!

Why was the duck hired on the spot?

His qualifications fit the bill!

Want to know the history of Donald Duck?

You should watch his duck-umentary!

Why do insults from slime never get a rubber duck down?

Because he is rubber and the slime is glue!

What do you call a duckling who opens his Christmas presents early?

A peeking duck!

Why did the duck have to travel with his goose cousin to Brazil?

He didn't speak portu-geese!

What do you call a devout duck?

A bird of pray!

Why did the duck need a repairman after the hailstorm?

His window was quacked!

What is the ideal career for a duck?

Webb design!

Bill-arious Jokes About What Ducks Do

These rubber duck jokes and puns about their live feathered friends will get you thinking about these animals in a whole new light! Since they're not fowl, you can share them with anyone.

How do ducks make sure they stay hydrated?

They always keep a waddle bottle in hand!

Why did the duck stay indoors on a Saturday?

Fowl weather was forecasted.

Did you hear that the rubber ducky won the swimming race?

He just barely squeaked past the finish line.

Why should diving ducks always wear swim trunks?

Because otherwise you might see their butt quack!

Where do ducks always go to self-diagnose their symptoms?


What did the rubber duck say when he was in a hurry?

Let's get quackin'!

Why do mallards always wear sunscreen?

They don't want to become a roast duck!

The early bird always gets the worm.

That's why ducks wake up at the quack of dawn!

Jokes About a Duck's Favorite Things

You know ducks love water, but what else do they love? Find out with these duck-tastic jokes!

What is a mallard's favorite fix-it tool?

Duck Tape!

What is a duck's favorite Christmas tradition?

Going to watch the nut-quacker!

Who is a duckling's favorite actor?

Duck Norris!

What is a drake's favorite snack at a baseball game?


Why is the Fourth of July a duck's favorite holiday?

They love firequackers!

Who is Daisy Duck's favorite musician?


Nest-Level Duck Puns

Close-Up Of A Bird

Looking for a dynamic caption for your Duck Dynasty-themed social post? These options are guaranteed to amuse your follo-wing!

  • Release the Quackin'
  • What a bunch of quacks
  • Ducks of a feather flock together!
  • One lucky duck!
  • Waddle you do without me?
  • Conquackulations!
  • Working on our nest egg
  • Fowl on the play!
  • Like feather, like son
  • Waddling my way through life
  • #sofly
  • #AwPhooey

Duck Jokes Will Have Everyone Yucking It Up

We hope you enjoyed these wise quacks! Duck jokes are always a fun choice to share with friends and nest-door neighbors! For those looking for more laughs, take a look at these im-peck-able chicken jokes.

50 Duck Jokes for Wisequackers & Their Peeps