10 Cute Mother's Day Poems From Preschoolers

Published December 17, 2020
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There are a few Mother's Day poems preschoolers can use in the cards they make. Each child and decide if a poem says what they want to tell their mommy on this special day.

Mother's Day Poems Preschoolers Can Use

Ten Mother's Day poems preschoolers can use for cards gives them several choices. The poems can inspire preschoolers to write their own poems to express how they feel about their mommies.

1. My Mommy Takes Care of Me

Most children admire their mommy. A short poem is a wonderful way to tell Mommy how much she is appreciated.

My Mommy is smart,

My Mommy is pretty,

My Mommy is a busy bee

and she takes good care of me.

Mother and daughter and a poem

2. I Love My Mommy

When a child loves their mommy, they can use a poem to express this sentiment. For a child, mommies have one main role, and that is to take care of them.

It's true, I love my Mommy,

She's a good mommy to me,

She sees that I am fed,

Then reads to me in bed.

3. Mommy Loves Me Anyway

Most children want to be good. When they do something and are corrected, it can make them feel sad, but they can take solace knowing their mommy has unconditional love for them.

My Mommy scolds me when I'm bad,

And it makes me really sad,

But when Mommy gives me a cookie,

I know she still loves me.

4. Happy Mother's Day

Wishing Mommy a Happy Mother's Day is something a child enjoys doing. Making a card just for Mommy always needs a little poem to go inside.

Happy Mother's Day!

I bought you a present

I hope you like it,

It attaches to my bike,

So, you can hear me

and I won't run over you.

5. Mommy Is Special

A child believes her/his mommy is special. A cute poem is a great way to show Mommy how much she means, especially if she works outside the home.

My Mommy is so special,

She says she has to wrestle

with things at work all day,

I don't know what they are,

But she must be very good,

'Cause she goes back every day!

6. My Mom Sings

Singing to a child is one of the nurturing things a mommy does. A Mother's Day card expressing how the child enjoys their mommy singing to them should make her smile.

My Mommy sings to me all the time,

She sings to me at bath time

and when I go to sleep,

She sings when walking in the park

and on her way to work.

I love to hear my Mommy sing.

7. Read Me a Story

Children love to have stories read to them. Many mommies read a story to their child at bedtime. This poem reminds mommies how important bedtime stories are to their child and can even be a little humorous.

I love when Mommy reads me bedtime stories,

Her voice is soft and like a whisper,

I try to keep my eyes open,

But listening to her always puts me to sleep.

Mom and daughter reading in bed and poem

8. Mommy and I Bake Cookies Together

Baking is a fun activity that mommies can do with their child. Teaching a child to make cookies is a classic mother and child activity.

Sometimes, Mommy and I bake cookies together,

Mommy thinks I'm funny when I get flour on my face,

When the cookies are done, Mommy and I eat them,

The best part of baking cookies is doing it with Mommy!

9. When I Get Scared at Night

Children often wake up in the middle of the night. A bad nightmare may send them running to their mommy's bedroom for comfort. A poem describing how their mommy makes them feel safe can be a great Mother's Day poem.

Sometimes I wake up at night afraid,

I always run to get my Mommy,

She holds me tight and tells me

she won't let anything get me,

I love my Mommy, because she's so brave!

10. My Mommy Can Do Anything!

Parents seem like miracle workers to a child. They look up to their mommies, believing they can do anything.

My Mommy can do anything,

Fix my backpack straps,

Drive a car and fill it with gas,

Count money to pay bills,

But best of all she can make a booboo feel better

just by kissing it!

Finding Mother's Day Poems Preschoolers Need

When you find Mother's Day poems preschoolers need for their cards, you can read them out loud to see if they like the sentiments. You can then encourage your preschoolers to make up their own poems.

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10 Cute Mother's Day Poems From Preschoolers