Creative Haiku Poems About Family to Express Your Love

Published June 5, 2020
Beautiful family in front of home

A beautiful haiku about family can express the importance of your family in a few powerful words. You can use family poems like haikus about family for scrapbooks, photo albums, social media posts, keepsake items, or as decorative wall hangings. These haikus by Michele Meleen share different emotions and feelings about family in 17 syllables across three lines.

Haikus About Family Love

A family love haiku is all about the love a family shares, and how it is unique to your family.

Haiku poem about family love

Family Love Is

Like the sun rises
each morning and sets each night,
family love is.

Love of Family

Ecosystems thrive
working together just like
love of family.

Connected By Love

Individual snowflakes
woven into snow blanket
connected by love.

Family Love, Nature's Harmony

A family love
makes the world sing out with joy.
Nature's harmony.

Haikus About Family Friendship

If you view your family members as your closest friends, a friendship haiku about family might be the perfect poem for you.

Family As Friends

When spring is tired,
summer swoops in like a friend.
Season family.

Built-In Best Friends

Like the stars and sky
family created as
life's built-in best friends.

Family Rainbows

As does a rainbow
after a storm, family
gives hope and a bridge.

Fun With Family

Like wind tickling trees,
friendship means having great laughs
Family is fun.

Haikus About Family Life

Describing the different things about life as a family can be a fun way to write a haiku.

Haiku poem about family life

Our Den

We run our own ways
from the sunrise til sunset,
then meet in our den.

A Family of Busy Bees

Each bee with a job
working hard to support all,
family of bees.

The Family Machine

Like a family
the clouds gather and disperse,
a working machine.

Family Flock

Birds follow or lead
on migration to help all,
our family flock.

Haikus About Family Dynamics

If you want to write a haiku poem about family dynamics, you'll need to think about the great ways your family interacts or where you struggle.

Falling Away From Family

Leaves fall from their trees
like young people from their homes
falling away slow.

Family Fights

Raindrops fall and splash,
forming angry deep puddles.
Fights become vapor.

Family Hugs

The sun hugs the earth
each day without any question
as we hug daily.

Ebb and Flow of Family

The tide ebbs and flows,
as do our family ties,
making harmony.

Haikus About Family Relationships

Family haikus can also be specific to one type of family relationship like mother and son or cousins.

My family galaxy haiku

Father Time

He makes day and night,
time as a constant to trust
my father, my days.

Mother Nature

She keeps my world safe
like Mother Nature keeps Earth
my mother loves me.

Child of Earth

I'm a child of earth
born from the dirt, wind, and rain
love all around me.

My Family Galaxy

Stars, planets, and moons
like grandparents, aunts, cousins,
my own galaxy.

What Is a Family Haiku?

At the most basic level, a haiku is a type of poem that includes only three lines. The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven, and the third line has five. A true Japanese haiku follows two other rules. It includes two different related ideas and is related to seasons or nature. A family haiku can follow all three rules, or just the first rule about lines and syllables.

How to Write Haikus About Family

Anyone can write a haiku about family by taking a few moments to read some tips on how to write a haiku poem. If your native language or your ancestral language is not English, consider writing the poem in your native language to make it more meaningful.

  • Choose your subject. It can be as specific as a mother's love or as general as family life.
  • Think of something in nature you could compare your subject to. For example, a mother's love might be like the sun helping flowers to grow.
  • Write three sentences using your subject and natural reference.
  • Edit the sentences down until you get three lines in the 5-7-5 syllable format. They don't have to be complete sentences anymore.

A Family Haiku for You

You can find haiku poems for kids and famous haikus that speak to your unique feelings about family. However, sometimes the best haiku poems about family are the ones you write yourself.

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Creative Haiku Poems About Family to Express Your Love