Poems Honoring Soldiers and Veterans for Their Sacrifice

Updated May 1, 2020
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Poems can provide a heartfelt way to express your sentiments to a single soldier or veteran, or the troops in general. Feel free to share these original poems with friends, family and any service person you wish to honor.

Poems Honoring Those Who Serve

If one of these poems honoring soldiers and veterans resonates with you, just think how much one might help these brave male and female soldiers know their service hasn't gone unnoticed.

Poem for a soldier shake their hand

The Call to Duty

By Kelly Roper

A call to duty is sent out
And the strong and the brave reply.
They do it for love of country,
So there's never a need to ask why.

They leave behind all that they love,
Their families, their homes and their lives,
Because to preserve these precious things
Is the goal for which each soldier strives.

So God bless our troops,
The courageous women and men,
Who fight to make sure
The bells of freedom peal again.

When You See a Soldier

By Kelly Roper

When you see a soldier
Be sure to shake his or her hand,
And let that soldier know you're grateful
For the protection the military affords our land.

But most of all, express your thanks
For every soldier's personal sacrifice.
In order to serve our country,
They risked their entire lives.

How Do You Measure a Soldier's Sacrifice?

By Kelly Roper

How do you measure a soldier's sacrifice?
Is it by the number of friends and family left behind?
Is it by the months or years given in service?

How do you measure a soldier's courage?
Is it by the number of objectives completed,
Or by the number of bullets dodged or missions served?

How do you measure a soldier's honor?
Is it by the duty he or she volunteers for,
Or by the number of medals earned?

The simple truth is that these things are immeasurable,
As is this country's debt to all who serve,
And pay the price for freedom in this land.

Welcome Home

By Kelly Roper

To those who fought on foreign soil,
Who for our nation did perilously toil,
Who braved the bombs and bullets and mines
To return home to more peaceful times,
A hearty welcome home.

To those who fought on foreign soil,
Whose lives have been marred by the enemy's toil,
Who now must rebuild body, mind and soul,
And returning to normal is now the goal,
A supportive welcome home.

To those who fought on foreign soil
Whose lives did end through dangerous toil,
To arrive home flag-draped, silent and still,
And rest in peace beneath the grass on the hill,
A reverent welcome home.

Tell Their Stories

By Kelly Roper

Soldiers have died in distant lands,
Far from their homes and loving hands.
Tell their stories.

Troops missing in action and never returned,
Their ultimate destinies not yet learned.
Tell their stories.

Warriors come home with troubled minds,
Atrocities witnessed not quite left behind.
Tell their stories.

The rest return and pick up their lives,
As husbands and fathers, mothers and wives,
Tell their stories.

All our soldiers, brave, strong and true,
If you want to honor them, here's what you do:
Tell their stories.

A Soldier Is...

By Kelly Roper

A soldier is many things:

Steady, solid, and strong
Optimistic, outstanding, and organized
Loyal, logical, and level-headed
Diligent, decisive, and disciplined
Intelligent, idealistic and, when necessary, immovable
Earnest, effective, and efficient
Rational, resourceful, and resolute

Yes, a soldier is many things, but above all these admirable qualities, a soldier is a hero.

Fallen Soldier Poems

Soldiers who die in the course of duty deserve special appreciation. They gave up everything, including their lives, fighting to protect the things they believed in.

Poem A Field of Crosses

The Ultimate Sacrifice

By Kelly Roper

The ultimate sacrifice is to lay down your life
For God, family, and country.
Countless soldiers have charged into battle,
Knowing they wouldn't return to their loved ones
And might never be laid to rest in their native soil.
Yet they took the risk, fought hard to the end,
And hoped their efforts would turn the tide toward victory.
They made the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow soldiers,
For their country, for you, and for me.
May God bless them eternally.

A Field of Crosses

By Kelly Roper

A field of crosses
Marks the silent resting place
Of the brave who served.

A Fallen Soldier's Prayer Poem

By Kelly Roper

Dear Lord,

The battle is over for me,
My mission to fight is finished,
And my time on earth is over.
Guide me home to you, Lord,
But watch over my brothers and sisters
Still in the heat of battle.
Protect them, Lord, body and soul,
And if it pleases Your will,
Deliver them safely to their loved ones,
Until it's their time to join You in Heaven.


The Quiet Welcome Home

By Kelly Roper

Some soldiers return home to
The music of marching bands,
Folks excitedly waving flags,
And extremely heartfelt hugs.

Other soldiers return home
In a solemn, flag-draped box
Met by proud-yet-quiet loved ones
Bravely holding back tears.

For those who receive the quiet welcome,
Let's offer up our gratitude and prayers,
And never forget the cost of lives lost
And lives forever changed.

Short Veterans Thank You Poems

Veterans don't ask for our thanks, but they surely deserve it. Consider printing these poems to send to every veteran you know.

Poem honoring soldiers veterans

Thank a Veteran

By Kelly Roper

If you're happy to worship as you please or not worship at all,
Thank a veteran.

If you enjoy your personal right to say what you think and vote as you choose,
Thank a Veteran.

If you appreciate living in the land of the free and the home of the brave,
Thank a veteran.

In Appreciation of Veterans

By Kelly Roper

Selfless and so brave,
You risked your lives for us all.
Thank you, veterans.

Ways to Thank a Veteran

By Kelly Roper

Saying thanks and shaking hands is a start, but why not do more?

Volunteer to work with veterans,
Support your local veterans post.
Donate money to veterans charities.
Hire a veteran who really needs a job.

Examine your heart and mind, and you'll find many ways to do more.

More Poems Honoring Soldiers and Veterans

For more military poems and inspiration, visit the following websites.

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Share Your Feelings With the Ones That Matter Most...

It may or may not be in your power to offer much to any of the brave men and women who serve in the military, but sometimes it's enough to express your sincere respect and gratitude for their sacrifices. Perhaps one of these poems will help put your thoughts and feelings into words you can share with them and their families so they know they are appreciated by the people they're fighting for.

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Poems Honoring Soldiers and Veterans for Their Sacrifice