Poems for Eighth Grade Graduation

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Moving from middle school to high school is a big transition, and it's common for graduates and their families to feel excited, anxious, unsure, and everything in between. Poems for 8th graders about eighth grade graduation can help mark the occasion and offer a way to express and share those feelings with everyone involved.

The End of an Era

By Kelly Roper

Eighth-grade graduation marks the end of an era.
Your high school years now draw much nearer.

As the eighth graders, you ruled your old school;
In high school, you'll be little fish in a much bigger pool.

But try not to worry because you'll adjust,
And the older kids probably won't bother you that much.

Just remember each year that you'll move up the ladder;
What happened the year before will hardly even matter.

So celebrate your achievement on this special day,
And remember bigger milestones are still on the way.

Eighth Grade Graduation Haiku

By Kelly Roper

Leave eighth grade behind
Time to look toward the future
And new beginnings.

Grade School Is Over

By Kelly Roper

Boy with mortar board

Your grade school days are over.
All that's left is the ceremony before you say goodbye to your school.
The memories you made here will last a lifetime.
The things you've learned may not seem important now,
But they are the foundation of your education, and you'll build on them
In high school, college, and beyond.
So take one last look around and print a memory in your head.
You'll want to remember this place, these people, and the experiences you've had.

Keep Those Grade School Friendships

By Kelly Roper

As you leave the eighth grade,
Think about the friends you've made,
Not just this last year,
But through each and every grade.

Remember way back when
You all entered Kindergarten,
How those tentative first smiles
Helped your worried heart lighten.

Slowly but most surely,
You made a group of friends,
and just because you're graduating,
This is not where it all ends.

The friendships you made here
Can last your lives through,
Here is some advice on all
You really need to do.

Keep in touch with each other,
Make a call to say hello.
Send a funny text or update
About things you want your friends to know.

And once in a while,
Try to schedule a get-together,
So you can get reacquainted,
And make your friendships even better.

Sometimes high school years put distance
Between old relationships.
But you can keep old friends closer,
By following these simple tips.

Graduation Day Is Here

By Kelly Roper

Your eighth-grade graduation is here.
It's the day you've waited for all year.
So hold your head high and try not to cry.
Take a breath and get ready to cheer!

It's a Parent's Graduation Too

By Kelly Roper


As your eighth grader walks across the stage,
Remember it's your graduation too.
Your child couldn't have reached this milestone
Without a lot of help from you.

Think about all the lunches packed,
And the permission slips you've signed.
When your child didn't feel like going to school
Remember how you listened while he/she whined.

Those parent/teacher conferences
Really weren't that much fun.
But you attended diligently,
And never missed a single one.

And don't forget all the homework,
And the projects you did together.
Think of all the events you've attended
Regardless of the weather.

You purchased supplies and brand-new clothes
Every single year.
You kept your end of the bargain,
And now eighth grade graduation day is here.

So hold your head up proudly
As your child marches down the aisle.
Wipe that stray tear from your eye
And don't forget to smile!

More Poems for Eighth Grade Graduation

The following poems express a variety of feelings about this important event. Some are specifically about eighth-grade graduation while others offer good advice which could be offered at the ceremony.

  • As It Comes to an End is a poem about not wanting the year to end.
  • Do It Anyway by Mother Teresa is a poem with a couple of versions and timely advice.
  • 8th Grade Graduation is a poem which likens the graduating class to a puzzle which was put together and is now being broken apart.

When You Find a Poem

When you find a poem that speaks to you, find a way to make it a keepsake. Designate a place where you can save the poem so you can read it again later. You might even end up saving a collection of poems. Here are a few helpful suggestions.

  • Print out poems on nice stationary. You can use a printer or hand write them.
  • Buy a blank book and glue poems in it using a glue stick.
  • Write out poems in a notebook and include illustrations.
  • Type poems for friends or family and print them out on colorful cardstock.
  • Always attribute the author of the poem by including the author's name or initials at the end. Do this even with the poetry you write.

Take Your Time

When you read poetry, do it slowly and thoughtfully. Absorb the words and verses to see how they make you feel. When you find just the right graduation poem to close out your middle school experience, you'll know it.

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Poems for Eighth Grade Graduation