Aquarius Female Characteristics

Updated November 6, 2018
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What do Oprah Winfrey, Yoko Ono, Sarah Palin, and Betty Friedan have in common? They're all strong, proactive, and radically independent Aquarian women. Regardless of the Aquarian woman's views, or station in life, she has a modern mindset and believes in living life with a meaningful purpose.

Aquarius Woman Traits and Characteristics

An Aquarius woman is typically smart and independent. She's a woman who marches to the beat of her own drum, requires the freedom to be who she is, as well as to think and do what she wants. She's typically a cool, friendly, eccentric, and unconventional female, with an equally unusual way of looking at the world.

A typical Aquarian female can be described as a feminist to the core and a true original.

  • She has her own set of rules
  • She demands equality and unlimited freedom
  • She has her own unique thoughts, ideas, morals, and standards
  • She's highly opinionated and will hold her own no matter what
  • She's predictably unpredictable and stubborn
  • She doesn't care what others think about her
  • She won't let someone's opinion change her
  • She has a "live and let live" attitude about life
  • She sees everything from her own unique perspective


Experimental and original characterizes an Aquarian woman's style. Some sport a tomboyish look, from clothes to hair, while others are avant-garde and always on the cutting edge of what's new, hot, and edgy in hair and fashion. Either way, their appearance is non-conventional and non-conformist in every sense.

Loves the World's People

An Aquarius woman mingles with people from all walks of life, no matter what their age or background. She's social, talkative, and gregarious, but she's typically an emotionally reserved woman who loves the world's people, seldom allows anyone to get emotionally close, but is always ready to assist someone who is down on their luck.


An Aquarian woman is an intellectual humanitarian with radical, fixed ideas. She will latch onto a cause and pursue it with relentless determination. Even if she's a wife and mother with a career, an Aquarian woman will be involved in one cause or another, even if it only concerns her neighborhood or her children's school.

Intimate Relationships

There's a lot about an Aquarian woman that pushes the boundaries of what's acceptable when it comes to intimate relationships, while this works for some lovers it doesn't work for others.

Among them are:

  • She's not particularly interested in romance and is disdainful of sentimentality
  • Prefers friends with benefits couplings
  • She's hesitant and might even refuse to marry
  • She has an open-minded attitude toward infidelity, but will never indulge in acts of infidelity herself without strong reasons.
  • Even after separating from a lover she will always be her former lover's friend


An Aquarian woman is not flighty by nature. Though she loves social progress, on a personal level she doesn't like change at all. She'll be loyal to a particular person, brand, restaurant, local shop, sports team, musician, and so on, and stick with them through thick and thin.

Aquarian Women

Aquarius is the masculine Fixed Air sign the Zodiac. Aquarian girls get gender messages growing up, which can make some consider their femaleness a liability and become as cold an impersonal as an Aquarian man. On the other hand, some received messages growing up that softened and mitigated some of their innate masculine traits, which can create an Aquarian woman who is a gifted thinker who is also compassionate and possess superior emotional intelligence.

Defining an Aquarian Woman

An astrological birth chart or horoscope is complicated. A person is so much more than their Sun sign. This makes it difficult to define a typical Aquarian woman by her Sun sign alone. However, they are not sugar and spice and everything nice women, all bit contrary, quirky, or radical in one way or another. Some are forward thinking radicals; some only look the part, others are rebels without a cause, while still others are great thinkers who have a great desire is to move society forward.

Aquarius Female Characteristics