Are Aries and Libra Compatible?

Updated December 21, 2018
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Call it cosmic or mythic but when an Aries and a Libra meet something magical happens. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. Mythographers say they were the first red-hot lovers. Like the mythological Mars and Venus, Aries and Libra compatibility can lead to this pair quickly becoming consumed by one another.

The Pairing of Libra and Aries

Are Aries and Libra compatible when it comes to romance? Libra adds the beauty of romance while Aries adds the passion of romance. Beauty, passion, and romance, what more could they ask for in a love affair! One thing is certain: when the god of war and the goddess of love come together, fireworks will follow!

Aries' Ruler

An Aries is passionate, dramatic, extravagant, bold and direct. Ruled by Mars, the planet of sexuality and sexual energy, an Aries exudes primal sexual energy, is eager to jump into bed with anyone who is interested and can become involved in a relationship to get sex. However, an Aries can be deeply and passionately romantic once committed.

Libra's Ruler

A Libra is romantic and idealistic, they are people pleasers who are equal parts sugar and spice. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and values, a Libra picks and chooses very carefully, and likes to keep relationships light and lovely instead of hot and heavy, but will have hot and heavy sex to get involved in a relationship and then continue to they try to fulfill their partner's sexual fantasies.

Aries and Libra Compatibility

Like most opposite signs of the zodiac, Aries and Libra are attracted to one another, but they aren't actually compliable, they more complementary.

  • Aries is a fighter; Libra is a lover
  • Aries is spontaneous; Libra is thoughtful
  • Aries is physical; Libra is mental
  • Aries is impulsive; Libra indecisive
  • Aries wants to disrupt; Libra wants peace and harmony
  • Aries is about me; Libra is about us
  • Aries is brash and blunt; Libra is diplomatic and nice

The Pros

The harmony resulting from the union of Aries and Libra can create a balance between self and other that can be a great learning experience for both. Each brings to the relationship what the other is missing. Plus, with Libra's need for harmony and the fact that they both love challenges makes theirs a relationship with the potential for success.

The Cons

Though the connection between an Aries and a Libra is amazing when it's good, it can be extremely challenging when it's bad. Aries and Libra are opposites in most ways, and as strange as it might see, it's the ways they are similar that are the most likely to disrupt the potential for harmony their relationship.

  • They both have a lot of initiative, but lack follow-through.
  • Whether it's a job, project, or relationship, they both tend to start things they're never going to finish,
  • Both are leaders who want to be in charge, but an Aries commands and sometimes intimidates to get what they want, while Libra uses charm and sometimes manipulation.

How to Make It Work

Whether it a marriage, a friendship or a working relationship, all the pros and cons hold true. An Aries/Libra relationship works if both understand their differences, do some give and take and allow the other to do what they do best. However, compromise is also essential. Each will need to let the other take the lead from time to time. Finally, both Aries and Libra should be direct in their communication, talk about each other's feelings, and be willing to work through the inevitable differences that will arise.

The Tension of Opposites

Aries and Libra are drawn to each other out of needs and desires that are unfulfilled in their lives. Such as an Aries' unconscious need and desire to experience the greater connection, love, support, and comfort that a Libra gives so freely, and a Libra's unconscious need and desire to experience the adventure, freedom, risk, challenge, and intensity that an Aries offers. Their differences actually add spice and passion to their relationship, particularly its sexual aspects. It's the "tension of the opposites" that produces the passion that sustains, deepens and enlivens an Aries/Libra relationship.

Are Aries and Libra Compatible?