Capricorn Man Romance Traits and Behaviors

Updated April 14, 2022
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Success is the name of the game for an ambitious, determined Capricorn man. This is a man who doggedly goes after what he wants. These same traits and behaviors extend to affairs of the heart. Although it may take him a while to decide who he wants, nothing will stand in his way once he does.

Capricorn Man and Romance

For a typical Capricorn man, romance is a serious matter. These men can be somewhat reserved and cautious when pursuing a love interest. But when they fall in love, the typically "I have my life all planned out," "nose to the grindstone" Capricorn man can throw caution to the wind.

Capricorn Man is Seeking a Mate

When a Capricorn dates, he's seeking a mate. He can be single-minded in his purpose of finding a partner who has traditional family values. When this solid, dependable man marries, his family always comes first. A Capricorn man will always be a respectful, devoted, and doting husband and father.

Capricorn Man's Romantic Behaviors

A Capricorn man never dives headfirst into anything. He'll test the waters and make plans. His dates are meticulously planned and perfectly implemented. They will have his personal touch, but they won't be extravagant. A Capricorn man might be too conservative to lavish you with gifts, but he will lavish you with attention.

A Capricorn Man Is Attentive and Caring

How does a Capricorn show his affection? He will show his affection through actions and do little things that convey his devotion or sincerity.

A Capricorn man will:

  • Give you advice
  • Be protective
  • Be supportive of your endeavors
  • Do little things that make your life easier
  • Make time for you
  • Be happy, smiling, and playful when you're together
  • Invite you to his home for a romantic dinner

The ultimate sign of a Capricorn's affection and sincerity is when he trusts you enough to open up to you. He'll talk about the future, introduce you to his family, and want to meet yours.

Winning His Trust

It'll take a while for a Capricorn man to trust you enough to open up, but you'll be the luckiest person alive once he does. A Capricorn man is very faithful, protective, and loyal. He'll spend a lot of time planning and talking about your future together and go out of his way to make you feel loved and needed.

Understanding Your Capricorn Lover

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A Capricorn man wants to be the dominant one in a relationship. Still, he loves a partner who's also sassy, fun, independent, and intelligent. A Capricorn man will be offended if a partner disrespects or embarrasses him by correcting or contradicting him in public. But he'll be perfectly willing to listen to their criticism in private if it's given logically and gently.

He's Shy and Introverted

While a Capricorn male might display what could be termed as aggressive behavior in career and business, beneath that facade is a shy and introverted guy when it comes to romance and love. Don't misinterpret his shyness as being disinterested. He just doesn't know how to verbally express his feelings without being self-conscious.

Image Is Important

A Capricorn is concerned about how others perceive him. He wants to convey an image of a successful man and expects his partner to look their best. When dating a Capricorn man, make sure you've dressed appropriately for the occasion. He'll also expect and appreciate good social etiquette.

Strong Silent Man

A Capricorn man is the strong silent type who's not comfortable starting a conversation or engaging in small talk. This means his partner will earn extra points if they lead the way and break the ice by asking open-end questions. Being socially polite and conversational will earn his trust and respect and lead him to open up to you.

Never All Work

While Capricorn has one of the highest work ethics in the zodiac, he understands that a certain amount of play is necessary to maintain a balanced life. His determination, ambition, and playfulness will aid him in capturing a lover's heart.

How to Tell a Capricorn Man You Love Him

A Capricorn man may show his love through his actions. However, if you're in love with a Capricorn man, compliment him and touch him affectionately. When he does something sweet for you, kiss him and whisper in his ear, "I love you to the moon and back." The more you do this, the more loved and desired he'll feel. Though most men want this, a Capricorn man, in particular, needs words and physical affection to know he's loved.

Keeping the Flames Burning

For the Capricorn man, romance doesn't stop with commitment and marriage. It simply means he'll be more confident in his mate's love and have greater opportunities to express his love to the woman who blossomed his romantic instincts.

Capricorn Man Romance Traits and Behaviors