100+ Beautiful Turkish Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Updated March 12, 2022
Traditional little girl from Turkey

Providing your child with a Turkish baby name is a lovely way to connect your infant to their heritage and culture. Many of these names stem from Turkish words and Muslim traditions as well as European and Asian influences, which is part of what makes them so beautiful. Turkish names sound lovely and have desirable meanings behind them, making them widely appealing to expectant parents.

Turkish Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Turkish names for baby girls are typically short, soft, and deeply meaningful. Some female names can mean different things with a similar spelling, meaning parents should take caution before getting too creative. For example, Eda means "good manners," but when you enhance it into Edila, it suddenly means "arrogance." If you are attached to names with symbolism and rich meaning, it's essential that you know all the variations.

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Modern Turkish Girl Names

These cool Turkish names for girls pay homage to a rich culture while remaining contemporary. They are fun and modern baby names that many parents will easily connect with.

  • Afet (ah-fet) - Means "a woman of bewitching beauty"
  • Ayeleen (eye-LEAN) - Means "halo of the moon"
  • Banu (Bah-nuh) - Means "lady"
  • Beyza - Means "white" or "pure"
  • Defne (Deh-f-neh) - Means "laurel"
  • Ece (Eh-djeh) - Means "queen"
  • Fatma - Meaning unknown
  • Kader (Kah-dair) - Means "destiny"
  • Meltem (Mal-tehm) - Means "sea wind"
  • Nehir (Nay-hear) - Means "river"

Common Turkish Female Names

This list contains some of the most popular Turkish names for girls. These selections are go-to picks for parents hoping to honor their Turkish roots while staying trendy in the name game.

  • Alif (A-leaf) - Means "slender," the first letter of the Arabic alphabet
  • Asel - Means "honey"
  • Ayl (A-luh/Eye-luh) - Means "moonlight" or "halo"
  • Aylin (A-lin) - Means "of the moon"
  • Azra (Az-ruh) Means "virgin"
  • Dilara (Dee-la-dah) Means "adorning the heart"
  • Hinanur (Hdi-rah-nuhr) - Means "place of Muhammad's first revelation"
  • Ipek (Ee-peck) - Means "silk"
  • Isra (IYZRah) - Means "freedom"
  • Narin (NAH-reen) - Means "slim, slender" or "fragile"
  • Sevda (Sayv-dah) - Means "infatuation"
  • Sevgi - (Sayv-gee) - Means "love"
  • Yara ((YAR-a) - Means "small butterfly"
  • Zehra - (Zah-hrah) - Means "beauty"
  • Zenep (Zay-nep) - Means "beauty"

Beautiful Turkish Names for Girls

Not only are these names sweet-sounding, but they have impactful meanings behind them as well.

  • Canan (Jhah-nah) - Means "beloved"
  • Dilan (Dee-lahn) - Means "love"
  • Elmas (El-mah-s) - Means "diamond"
  • Esin (Eh-sin) - Means "inspiration"
  • Gönül (Guh-nuhl) - Means "heart"
  • Gül" (G-uh-l) - Means "rose"
  • Gulistan (Guh-l-i-stahn) - Means "rose garden"
  • Gülten (Guh-l-tahn) - Means "rose skin"
  • Lale (Lah-lay) - Means "tulip"
  • Makbule (Mahk-boo-lay) - Means "liked"
  • Nermin (Nar-men) - Means "soft"
  • Nur (Noor) - Means "light"
  • Nuray (Ner-eye) - Means "bright moon"
  • Nurten (Noor-tan) - Means "radiant skin"
  • Özgür (Uz-ger) - Means "free"
  • Pembe (Pahm-bay) - Means "pink"
  • Sanem (Sah-nem) - Means "idol"
  • Savil (Sayv-eel) - Means "loved"
  • Sevim (Sayv-eem) - Means "love"
  • Tutku (Toot-koo) - Means "passion"
  • Umut (Ooh-moot) - Means "hope"

Rare Turkish Female Names

These names aren't as commonly used as others on the list, but they are certainly no less lovely or meaningful.

  • Beste (Beh-s-teh) - Means "melody"
  • Ceren (JEH-ren) - Means "baby gazelle"
  • Ferey (Fair-eye) - Means "radiance of the moon"
  • Filiz (fi-liz) - Means "to develop"
  • Yaz - Means "summer"
  • Yildiz (Yeel-diz) - Means "star"

Turkish Baby Boy Names And Meanings

Many male names sound stunning and regal, making them perfect for baby boys who will someday grow into strapping and confident men. Typical Turkish boy names are strong and short, but several are long and lovely, meaning there is something for everyone.

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Modern Turkish Baby Boy Names

These modern names are in vogue and widely used by parents aiming to blend their Turkish heritage with a contemporary flair.

  • Ahmad (Ah-h-mahd) - Means "highly praised"
  • Baris (Bah-rish) - Means "peace"
  • Can (Ch-ahn) - Means "life"
  • Efe (Eh-fay) - Means "big brother"
  • Eldar (El-dahr) - Means "born to fight with fire"
  • Emir (eh-meer) - Means "prince or ruler"
  • Demir (Day-meer) - Means "iron"
  • Deniz (Day-neez) - Means "sea"
  • Neval (Nee-vahl) - Means "new city"
  • Zeki (Zay-kee) - Means "intelligent"

Popular Turkish Names for Boys

Just as in other parts of the world, some Turkish baby names are more popular compared to others. The hot names shift over the years as new names become big hitters and older names fall to the wayside. If you are going for something currently trending, these are excellent top picks to consider.

  • Ahmet (Ah-h-met) - Means "highly praised"
  • Eren (Eh-ron) Means "saint"
  • Eymen (AY-muh-n) - Means "blessed" or "lucky"
  • Ibrahim (Ib-ree-him) - Means "friend of God"
  • Ömer (Oe-mehr) - Means "thriving"
  • Ömer Asaf (oh-mer ah-sahf) - Means "flourishing collector"
  • Mehmet (meh·muht) - Means "praiseworthy"
  • Miraç (Me-rach) - Means "place of accent"
  • Mustafa (Moo-stah-fah) - Means "chosen one"
  • Yusef (Yoo-sef) - Means "Jehovah increases"

Strong and Interesting Turkish Boy Names

These names have meanings that signify strength, bravery, and leadership skills. Give your boy one of these names, and perhaps he will grow to exhibit these fine qualities and traits.

  • Alp (AHLP) - Means "strong and heroic"
  • Aslan - (Ah-ss-lahn) - Means "lion"
  • Berk (Bairk) - Means "strong"
  • Berkant (Bair-kahnt) - Means "solid oak"
  • Berker (Bair-kesh) - Means "solid man"
  • Burak (Bur-rak) - Means "strong"
  • Cenk (Sen-ik) - Means "victor"
  • Erhan (Air-hahn) - Means "brave leader"
  • Hakan (Hah-kon) - Means "ruler"
  • Mazhar (Mahz-har) - Means "honored"
  • Mert - (M-air-t) - Means "manly"
  • Olkay (Ol-kay) - Means "victor"
  • Orhan (Or-hah-n) - Means "great leader"
  • Osman (Oz-man) - Means "person born to lead people down the right path"
  • Serkan - (Sair-kahn) - Means "chief"
  • Serhan (Sair-hahn) - Means "leader"

Beautiful Turkish Boy Names

These names sound lovely and also contain lovely meanings. Everything about them is gorgeous!

  • Afir (Are-if) - Means "expert"
  • Aydin (Eye-dehn) - Means "enlightened"
  • Ender (Ehn-dar) - Means "rare"
  • Gunay (Goo-n-eye) - Means "sun and moon"
  • Haluk (Hah-l-oo-k) - Means "good natured"
  • Ilkay (Eel-k-eye) - Means "new moon"
  • Ilker (Eel-k-air) - Means "first man"
  • Ilkin (Eel-k-keen) - Means "first"
  • Kıvanç (Kee-vah-n-ch) - Means "pride and joy"
  • Umar (oo-maar) - Means "flourishing"
  • Sehmih (Say-mee) - Means "generous"
  • Sonor (Soh-nair) - Means "last man"
  • Tuğrul (Too-roo) - Means "falcon"
  • Uğur (Oo-r) - Means "luck"

Turkish Naming Traditions

Like many other countries and cultures, Turkey has naming traditions that help parents arrive at the perfect name for their child.

  • Turkish names consist of a first name and at least one last name.
  • It wasn't until the passing of the Surname Law in 1934 that the Turkish people were required to take a family surname. Many families adopted surnames based on ancestry, historic events, professions, and personality traits.
  • A 2014 law allowed Turkish women the choice to retain their maiden surname, adopt their husband's surname, or use both.
  • Despite other laws, children must take their father's surname.

Finding Beautiful Turkish Names for Your Child

Choosing a Turkish name means giving your baby a name that's deeply expressive. These beautiful names often don't need a nickname so they're a great choice for parents who want baby's name to be used as is by others.

100+ Beautiful Turkish Baby Names for Girls and Boys