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Updated March 6, 2019
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One way to get through the ups and downs of being a teenager is to read poems about growing up. Poetry is an excellent way to express yourself and realize you're not alone. Explore original poems and tips for creating poems of your own.

In the Blink of an Eye

By Jennifer Betts

In the blink of the eye, my world started to change.
I went from walking to running to climbing and playing.
In the blink of an eye, I made friends.
I was scared to leave but their warm eyes welcomed me on my first day.
In the blink of an eye, I found my first love.
With their good looks, I was lost in a moment.
In the blink of an eye, I was growing up.
Rather than classes and homework, I had to consider colleges and futures.
In the blink of an eye, my world has changed.

Finding My Own Way

By Jennifer Betts

There was a moment that my mom held my hand every moment of every day.
That moment changed when I had to find my own way.
I used to crave the warmth of that last cuddle.
But now I don't take the time to splash in that puddle.
I remember when I needed my mom to tie up my hair.
Now I sometimes find my mother is hard to bare.
My dad used to protect me from the terrors found in the dark of night.
Gone are the days when I needed someone to hold me tight.
I am finding my own way.
But fear not because everything will be okay.

Gone in a Flash

By Jennifer Betts

The first school picture awkward and new.
Not the best day to try out that new do.
Year number two we have learned a little.
But we still look a bit brittle.
Flash forward to senior year.
I'm all smile and cheer.
I sit back and think.
I grew up in one short blink.

Where Have the Years Gone?

By Jennifer Betts

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What happened to the days when you walked me to school?
Where did the years go when I held your hand?
I remember the day that you first walked me to kindergarten.
You gripped my hand nearly as afraid as I was.
Now you are holding my hand as I walk down the aisle.
My cap and gown perfectly in place.
You were the band aid that cured my scrapped knee.
It was your hug that healed my first broken heart.
Now as you let my hand go toward the future.
I want to cling to you harder.
But you wipe away my tears letting me know.
That you will always be by my side.

Writing Poems About Growing Up

Writing a poem about growing up can take some time. Since you already have the topic, now it's about finding your style of poetry. For example, if you are writing concrete or shape poem your technique will be different from a haiku. Check out some tips for writing poems about growing up:

  • Explore different styles to find the one that works for you. Are you looking for short and cute or something with more depth?
  • Remember it doesn't always need to rhyme.
  • Think about different literary devices, like similes and metaphors, you can use.
  • Experiment with styles.
  • Learn the rules for writing poems.

Poets Who Wrote About Growing Up

Some famous poets who wrote poems about getting older, both lighthearted and continue to tap into the imagination, include:

Share Your Poetry

If you've been writing poems about changes in your life or any type of teen poetry, share it with others. You might be surprised how many people have felt exactly the same way that you do. That is one of the reasons why poetry is so valuable. It gives you a way to express what you're feeling; even when you're not sure you have the words. Whether you're writing your own poems or enjoy the poems of others, find a way to incorporate it into your daily life and share it with friends and family.

Handcraft a Poetry Book

One way to do share your poetry about growing up is to simply print out or write your poems and glue them into pages of a book or staple them together as a creative project. You can keep it forever or give your poems away to friends or family as unique gifts.

Publish Your Poems

Another way to share your work is to publish it either online or with a book publisher. There are tons of ways to do this, either with a blog or website format or through a traditional print publisher, such as a book, magazine, or newsletter.

  • Both Writers Market and FreelancingWriting have lists of places that will publish your poetry.
  • Share your poetry on your blog or website. Don't forget to include your name if you want to get credit. You never know when a poem you've written could become a classic.

Have a Poetry Slam

Get your friends together and practice reading poems out loud. This can be both a funny and serious way to get to know each other. Have each person walk to the center of the room to read or recite their poem. Just like music, most poetry is better when it is read out loud or memorized.

Share Poetry on Social Media

One simple way to share your poems with your friends and family is by posting them on social media. You might take a screenshot of your poem and add it to Instagram or publish it on your story in Snapchat. Not only will this show your friends your handiwork, but you could go viral.

Add Poems to Cards and Gifts

Whether you are hand making a card or even a bought one, you might add your poem about growing up for your family and friends to enjoy. Not only does this personalize the gift, but it makes it that more special.

Create Videos is a great place to share your poetry about growing up with the world. You might just do a straight reading or you could even choose to showcase images and visuals to go with your words.

Get Inspiration from Your Experiences

Our life experiences make the best poems. Use your own words to explore growing up through poetry you can share with your friends and family. Maybe you are making a gift for your parent or want to publish your thoughts online, whatever the case find your inner voice.

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Find and Share Poems About Growing Up